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  1. Michael -- we have already responded to you directly via email and phone. We understand the situation and have offered to make the order non-scoring, but you need to send us that request via email together with the order number and reason. You have no demerits on your account. Demerits are given to sellers and buyers for system violations and are visible on your storefront. You may be confused by negative points for a late order in your Seller Performance Score, which is only visible to you and the administrators, and which is used to suspend under-performing sellers from Atomic Avenue. Your Seller Performance is excellent, and should not be a concern.
  2. If you are unhappy with the shipping method, you should contact the seller directly. Be aware that some sellers may factor the shipping price into their prices, and have lower-priced comics as a result. If you shop on a site like Amazon or eBay, you may see some items priced extremely low, but with a shipping cost that is more than the actual shipping cost. If Media Mail shipping is always unacceptable to you, you may wish to buy from a seller with higher prices who guarantees shipment that will not be USPS Media Mail. As always, Atomic Avenue encourages buyers to take advantage of free shipping, as offered by many of our sellers when you meet their specified threshold. When the buyer pays nothing for shipping, and the seller covers the entire cost, there is rarely an argument about the shipping method. Sellers can ship by any method as long as it gets to the buyer within the expected time range, and many buyers may use UPS or EasyShip for large orders, as these can be more economical than any USPS method.
  3. So long as sellers ship an order so that the buyer receives it within the specified time, sellers may use any shipping method. Some sellers may use additional packaging for protection in order to guarantee protection for the comics, or may use an economical method in order to be able to keep their prices low. We strongly recommend looking for sellers who provide free shipping once a certain price threshold has been reached. You can find these sellers by looking for the free shipping box next to their user ID, and clicking on the user ID (or placing one of their items into your shopping cart) will show you how much you need to buy for free shipping. If you have more questions about the shipping method the seller used, you can contact the seller directly. To find the seller’s contact information, log in to Atomic Avenue and click the order number under the Purchases bar. You will see the seller’s contact information on the order page. If you have a preferred method of shipment, you can contact the seller before the item is shipped. If the cost of shipping, packaging and insurance via that method is higher than you paid, the seller may request additional funds from you.
  4. Check your address and make sure the zip code is correct. the (x-y days) indicates the system is having difficulty calculating shipping times because it does not have a correct address.
  5. Hi Brendan If your orders have been cancelled, or were shipped, you may need to check the Cancelled and Shipped checkboxes in your Purchases bar to see all of your orders. If you placed an order and have not received an email with the order number or cannot see it under the Purchases bar, contact us directly at support@atomicavenue.com or call us at 213 471 2423.
  6. We've found making sure you have the latest update to ComicBase fixes the issue for most sellers. Also, make sure your Atomic Avenue user ID is the same as the user ID in your Internet settings in ComicBase. Otherwise, contact ComicBase.
  7. In response to increasing merchant processing fees, Atomic Avenue will be slightly increasing its commission rate, applicable to all orders marked as shipped on and after December 14, 2021. The new rate schedule is $0.50 + 15 percent of the order total for all sales. This is the first update commission in over 7 years. Atomic Avenue commission includes the cost of transaction fees, customer support, and resolution fees.
  8. To increase the customer satisfaction of our buyers, and to enable us to continue to offer seller protection, tracking (such as USPS delivery confirmation) will be required on all orders as of December 7, 2021. Sellers will be unable to mark an order as shipped if the tracking information has not been entered in the tracking field. As before, if a buyer reports a package has not been received, the seller must provide proof of delivery or proof of refund before payment for the order is disbursed.
  9. No. We had a hardware-caused system-down a couple weeks ago, but no data breaches. Feel free to forward the article or alert to us directly at support@atomicavenue.com so we can correct it with the source.
  10. You can turn off free shipping in the Selling settings in ComicBase. You don't have to use guide pricing -- you can set your updates/reposts to ignore guide prices and keep your prices. If you have the discount every month feature turned on, it will continue to function.
  11. We do not currently have a feature to allow sellers to block specific buyers from their store. However, we will request a seller's wish not to do business with a specific buyer. Please email this request with the buyer's user ID to support@atomicavenue.com. You may cancel future orders from the seller, and if you let us know, we will mark the cancellation as non-scoring.
  12. No, if you have proof of delivery to the buyer's address, you do not need to refund the buyer. If we receive a claim from the buyer, we will provide the USPS delivery confirmation. You and/or the buyer may file a missing mail report at https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm. USPS will investigate. Please take a screen shot of the proof of delivery and hang on to it in case there is a delayed claim.
  13. We and the sellers who shipped orders to you have to keep a receipt of transactions. We do not share your information with third parties, except as required for auditing and regulatory purposes and in response to subpoenas in case of suspected criminal activity. If you wish to no longer receive communication from Atomic Avenue, log in to your account and go to My Account > Profile and uncheck yourself from all newsletters. You may also email support@atomicavenue.com and request to be permanently banned and fully blocked from Atomic Avenue. We can ban your account and make it inaccessible to you and to anyone other than Atomic Avenue and any sellers with whom you have had transactions.
  14. Buyers can only cancel an order after the Processing period closes, so it is in your best interest as a seller to ship an order as quickly as possible in order to prevent capricious cancellations. Buyers can also cancel regraded items as soon as they are regraded. Before that, buyers will need to email a seller if they want an items cancelled off the order or the order cancelled altogether. If this is the buyer's decision, sellers should cancel the items or the order at the buyer's request. Sellers can forward the buyer's cancellation request and note that they have completed the cancellation to support@atomicavenue.com and Atomic Avenue can mark the order as non-scoring. Sellers won't get penalized for the cancellations, but they also won't get credit for having shipped any remaining items on time. If you don't ship before the processing period closes, and the buyer cancels before you ship it, it will count against your seller performance score.
  15. We required address verification for security. Contact your bank to add your shipping address to your account for address verification purposes. You may also consider using Paypal checkout , or Paypal for checkout, as this has more options for address verification.
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