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  1. If you have a favorite seller, you can find their store by clicking on the Find button next to the Find field and scrolling down to Advanced Find. In the Advanced Find window, enter the seller's user ID into the Seller field and click the Find button. You can also bookmark the seller's storefront page in your browser.
  2. Hi Timothy: You can't save items for later because putting them in your cart does not reserve them. Most of our sellers may only have one copy of an item in stock at a time, and if someone else wants the item before you pay for it, they get it. More in this article:
  3. This sounds like a question for ComicBase. On Atomic Avenue, we have different sections for comic books, magazines, and books, so make sure you are looking in the right section. If the book is not in ComicBase, it is not on Atomic Avenue. You can add it as a correction, and when the editors at ComicBase review to make sure it isn't redundant with an items that is already in ComicBase, they will add it to ComicBase. It will propagate into ComicBase and thus to Atomic Avenue on the next update, and you can then put in however many copies you have into your ComicBase database and it will appear on Atomic Avenue for sale.
  4. Unfortunately, buyers expect refunds immediately and do not care that buyers may still be waiting for their disbursement. You should reach out to Atomic Avenue support directly at support@atomicavenue.com for help in this matter for review on the matter and for ways that the administrator may be able to help you directly.
  5. Hi Adrian Atomic Avenue commission is mostly Paypal fees, so all refund transactions are a loss. We advise buyers to contact a seller directly about an order they are unhappy with within 10 days of receiving the order. It is unusual for the buyer not to have contacted you about a return. We also advise buyers to call a seller if they haven't gotten a response, as email all too often gets misfiled or lost. It sounds like this was eventually resolved. It is unusual for a buyer to initiate a return without any direct communication. If you want to ban this buyer from purchasing from you again, you can contact Atomic Avenue support at support@atomicavenue.com. If you provide the order number to Atomic Avenue support, we can also make a note about your experience with this buyer for our files.
  6. You may want to pose that question during the Pete's ComicBase lifestream, but for what it's worth, we continue to see most mainstream titles printed with at least 3 variant covers for each issue; publishers aren't slowing down on the practice of printing variants. The latest reboot of the Red Sonja series has 43 variant covers for the first issue -- and that is just for the first solicitation, that does not include dealer and show exclusive variants to be printed or to be available later.
  7. Send the image to support@atomicavenue.com. We cannot troubleshoot this issue in the forum.
  8. Go to store setup and post your image again. If that does not work, make sure it meets the size and format criteria, i.e. 88px by 88 px for your logo or 1170 px x 200 px for your store banner. If that does not work, send the image(s) to us at support@atomicavenue.com together with your store name and let us know you are having trouble posting them to your store.
  9. On December 23, 2022, the IRS reviewed its guidelines regarding 1099-K reporting requirements. For 2022, we are only required to file 1099-K forms for sellers who have received more than $20,000 in disbursements that year. We have done so. All sellers who meet the 1099-K reporting requirements for 2023 will receive a 1099-K form from us in 2024. Any tax ID information we have received remains secured and encrypted and will only be accessed when needed.
  10. Also make sure items are marked for sale. Only marked items will be posted for sale.
  11. Don -- you were the first to try this feature and report an error. Good news, it is fixed now! Sellers can now refund single items from a multiple item order. For instance, if a buyer bought 3 copies of an issue and you only have two, you can cancel the missing issue off the order. To do so check the box next to the line with the multiple items and click the Cancel Items... button at the bottom of the page. In the window that appears, if there were multiple issues on the line, you have the option to specify the number of items to cancel. Click OK and Atomic Avenue will issue a refund for the missing item(s) and the order page will change to reflect the corrected number of items you are shipping.
  12. Hi Rob Contact us directly. Short answer is no, but this is also the first time we have had this happen to a seller.
  13. Suggest Flat Rate Ship = N does mean flat rate is not the most economical option. If it is, sellers will see a Y and the number of packages to ship the order in. There are currently no other letters other than N for no and Y for yes.
  14. You can now search Atomic Avenue for issues by the cover artist. To search by cover artist, click on the Find button next to the search bar and select Cover Artist. Enter the name of the cover artist and you will see available issues with covers by that artist. To include unavailable items, uncheck the Show Only Items in Stock checkbox in the upper right hand side. Sellers can now regrade or cancel items ordered in multiples greater than one. For instance, if the buyer has purchased 2 copies of an issue, but the seller discovers one is not available, the seller can cancel one and ship the other. Similarly if one item is overgraded, the seller can regrade it without affecting the other copies the buyer has purchased. US sellers will now see information regarding the shipping cost calculation for USPS shipping on orders wherein the buyer is paying for shipping. Most importantly, this notes whether USPS flat-rate shipping offers the most economical First/Priority option and how many packages the order should be shipped in if flat-rate shipping is used.
  15. Sellers are responsible for refunds after an order has been marked as shipped. Sellers should provide an electronic refund, i.e. Paypal, and keep a record of the refund in case of dispute. If the buyer cannot/will not accept an electronic refund, contact Atomic Avenue support.
  16. Hi Rob It's a loose "same day" -- essentially it means you got the order together and shipped it while it was still in "Processing," a time period between 24 and 48 hours (depending on when the order was placed) before the buyer can cancel it. It's not particularly sophisticated so it does not grant you extra time for mailing holidays (as these vary between countries.) Sellers who can print a mailing label with a form of tracking from their own business or home have somewhat of an advantage, because you can get it in the mailing system as soon as it's packed (although many USPS locations have self-serve kiosks where you can also get a package mailed during holidays and weekends.) It's great that our sellers are paying attention to seller performance, though the same day shipping bonus is just a plus, and you needn't be overly concerned if you are "merely" getting orders out within two business days. Sometimes sellers get orders for hundreds of items, and it is pretty miraculous if you can get that all pulled, packed, and out in the mail within 24 hours. The things that will really hurt your seller performance are late shipping and cancellations, so good inventory control and a system that lets you locate your inventory items quickly should be a primary concern.
  17. Hi Joel I'll put it down for a request to improve Atomic Avenue (even if it's just to turn it back.) When/if you have time, start a thread in the Feature suggestions part of these forums and let us know how you are using it. We had another ComicBase user who wasn't aware of how to see the guide prices for each issue in ComicBase (instead of just the current value of what you have at the condition it is in) so we may go back and forth in what ComicBase can do for collectors and what Atomic Avenue can do for buyers.
  18. Hi Joel We continue to make improvements. Our partner program, ComicBase, has a subscription price guide that updates these prices on a weekly basis, and we used to publish those values for each issue. Our sellers often use ComicBase but they also have the option to price items higher or lower than the most recent price update. Whether the items get purchased at that price determines their price guide value. As a result, the NM price we used to show could be behind the current market. You have a better view of the market by looking at the active listings (and considering whether you would buy it at that price) because those decisions are the ones that determine the current price guide value. You will also notice that by default we now only show items that are available for purchase. You can uncheck the Show Only In-Stock Items to see all items on Atomic Avenue, with covers and descriptions.
  19. Hi Richard Try pulling down your inventory and reposting. If that works, please post here. If your magazines still show up like above, contact Atomic Avenue support directly at support@atomicavenue.com or call 213 471 2423 to troubleshoot, and we can post the solution to this forum. We have confirmed it is not happening to all sellers, but we'd like to get your magazines up correctly, too.
  20. When browsing a seller's store on Atomic Avenue, buyers may now click on the comic books menu to alternately view the seller's magazines or books for sale:
  21. Hi Rob Just ballpark troubleshooting: make sure your Atomic Avenue account is linked to your ComicBase -- it should ask for your Atomic Avenue credentials when you click the Post Inventory button. Note that your Atomic Avenue ID and password are not the same as your ComicBase account. Here are some tips from ComicBase and Atomic Avenue: ComicBase support -- What to Do If Items You Want to Sell Are not appearing on Atomic Avenue Atomic Avenue -- For Sellers: Posting Your Items for Sale
  22. With the 2022 tax year, Atomic Avenue is required to file a 1099 form with the amount of disbursements to each US seller with sales over $600 during the year. This is typically redundant with amount reported by Paypal in their 1099-K form, as sellers receive their disbursements via Paypal. For this reporting requirement, all US sellers will be required to provide their US tax ID, i.e. social security number or EIN, in order to sell on Atomic Avenue and receive disbursements. Sellers who meet the reporting threshold (currently $600 or more in annual disbursements) will see a window requesting tax ID when they log in. Your information is SSL secured when you enter it and is stored with double encryption. We will only access this information when we file the reports with the IRS. As required, all sellers will receive a copy of this form.
  23. Atomic Avenue does not support changing the quantity of items sold. Besides cancelling all items because you can't fulfil the quantity, there are some (less than ideal) work-arounds. You can use the regrade feature to change the value of the items. For instance, if the order is for 2 items priced at $5 each, you can use the regrade feature to change the price to $2.50, so the buyer is still paying $5 although he is only getting one book. This requires communication with the buyer so that the buyer understands and will accept the regrade in a timely manner. If there are more items on the order and one matches the price of the missing item, you can cancel it, and let the buyer know the cancellation is for the value of the missing item in the multiple items charged list, rather than a cancellation of said item.
  24. Typically, your state will require you to have a seller's permit, and their rules for collecting sales tax will be included with that rule. Some states only require you to remit sales tax for sales within the state; others require you to remit sales tax for any sale within the US. If you sell internationally, some countries (specifically the UK so far), require you to have a seller's permit for their country and to collect and remit sales taxes to their country's tax collection agency. Paypal will report your income to the US Treasury/IRS. As of this year, we will also have to issue a form to you and the Treasury/IRS for annual sales of more than $600.
  25. Assuming this is in the situation where the seller has multiple copies of a specific issue. In such a case, you do need to click "buy" for each one which adds to the quantity of that specific issue in your cart from that seller. Most of our sellers are individual sellers who typically only have a single copy of a specific issue in stock, or very few. There are several larger sellers who will have multiple quantities of issues available.
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