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  2. Ever since Magazines were moved out of comics, I've had a heck of a time with them. Try searching on Amazing Heroes. Its an absolute mess and does not take you to that series. You can find Amazing Heroes in ComicBase, but if you click Find Copies for Sale in CB, it gets all confused and you get an odd page. I think it was a big mistake trying to segment magazines from comics. It might seem logical, but when people are searching for a book, they don't care if its a magazine or a comic - they just want to find what they typed in. Also, now I have a bunch of books still in Comics in ComicBase that no longer connect to Atomic Avenue and thus can't be considered for sale. Please fix magazines and if you're sticking with this unfortunate move to segment the two, provide us with an easy way to convert our former comic entries to magazine entries. I shouldn't have to manually document everything and re-add it under magazines. Moreover, Magazines should properly link to Atomic Ave for sale....
  3. Is it by design that you can't create any posts on the Feature Suggestions section of this forum?
  4. I don't think there's a way to look that up on Atomic Avenue. Probably the best way to find local comic sellers is to go to someplace like Facebook Marketplace, Craig's List or something like that as they let you search in your physical area. Good Luck!
  5. You should take note of which sellers use media mail and if that concerns you, perhaps contact them about it and ultimately not buy from them. I personally ship 99.9% of my shipments with 1st class or priority mail, but have used media mail for TPB's that have no advertisements (a key restriction for media mail). To be fully honest, I did recently use media mail for an order with 80 books because I wanted to make sure the books were packed well, but I didn't want to lose my shirt as many were less than a couple dollars and I was giving free shipping, but that is the exception instead of the rule for me (seller: fourstar77; Store: Anti-Hero Collectibles).
  6. Not that I can do anything about it, but what would you like to see in a sales report?
  7. Store Scores are apparently being calculated with a round down approach, which does not accurately represent a store's performance. I received one single 4 out of 5 stars back in September 2019 (in spite of trying to reach out to find why as no explanation was given), have since received over 100 5's and have never before received anything lower than a 5 (except that one occasion) in the several years I've been selling on Atomic Avenue. Can we use basic rounding (.5 and above rounds up, less than .5 rounds down) and perhaps base store scores on the most recent scores (perhaps scores from the past 12 months)? In a world of online score inflation for collectibles (largely because people don't want to be cut off from ordering something they may really want because they gave honest feedback), the difference between 5.0 and 4.7 can be significant. As such, I would greatly appreciate it if we could more accurately reflect our store scores. Thanks.
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  9. Is there a way to get a sales report using the Reports tab? This seems like it would be an easy thing to add.
  10. We do not specify which shipping service the seller is required to use, as long as the order is received by the buyer within 3 to 6 business days. USPS has been notably capricious about whether comic books may be shipped via Media Mail or not, both accepting and rejecting packages with comics shipped via Media Mail. Sellers often opt for media mail when shipping for free or shipping oversized or large books. If you believe the shipping method the seller used was inappropriate or grossly exceeded the seller's cost, you may leave feedback on the order -- your feedback will appear publicly on the seller's store and will affect the seller's rank and rating.
  11. I just buy some stuff from 2 different sellers. Was charged $8.95 for both orders. A seller sended media mail who from what I understand shouldn’t be used for comics and in an used gemini box. So technically I was overcharged shipping. What do I do in this case ?
  12. About 80% of regraded books are cancelled by the buyer. Since buyers are disappointed in receiving a book not in the condition they originally ordered it in, we allow only buyers to decide on whether to accept or cancel a book once it has been regraded. On their order page, they need to click either the Accept or Cancel button next to the regraded book in order to unsuspend the order. If the buyer has not responded to the instructions from Atomic Avenue, and you have also contacted the buyer by email and phone, and there is still no response, remove the book from the order and ship the rest promptly. Odds are the buyer would not have wanted the regraded book, and it's not wise to hold off on shipping the rest of the order waiting for an unresponsive or indecisive buyer. If you believe the buyer would accept the book in its new grade, do make every effort to reach the buyer via email and phone to get a response in a timely manner.
  13. Current USPS shipping rates show little difference between sending a package first class/priority or parcel post. As a result, we have streamlined the Atomic Avenue checkout page to only show one shipping option. Buyers will expect their orders to arrive in 3 to 6 shipping days. You can use any shipping method appropriate to the medium you're shipping (i.e. books or comics), as long as the package gets to the buyer within that time frame. Also make sure that however you ship, that you have a method of tracking the order, such as USPS delivery confirmation so both you and the buyer can confirm the delivery.
  14. I was dinged 35 points due to late shipping on 7 items. So your saying if I cancelled, I would have been dinged 70 points and I should just be happy? I went from 100% perfect to 95.4% good! I have email correspondence from someone in AA that stated: "If you have not heard from the buyer by tomorrow, we recommend cancelling the order. You can send us an email in response to this, and let us know you had to do so, and specifically request that the order be marked as non-scoring.(which I did -tjw) We will mark the order as non-scoring, which means you will not be penalized for late shipment/late cancellation, though you will also not get credit for the order itself." I think your suspended/cancellation policy needs to be tweaked. PS I'd like my score restored to 100%
  15. There are only two options here: (1) The buyer accepts/cancels the item, or (2) The seller has to cancel the item. Any cancellation will indeed impact your record, but only mildly provided the vast majority of your other orders went out without a problem. Worth noting that there's a double-ding if the suspension hangs out there for a long time, since it'll be late as well, so reach out to the customer and let them know that the issue needs a resolution, and you'll have to cancel the item off the order if they don't respond.
  16. email our support team at support@atomicavenue.com, provide the order number, brief summary of the situation, and they can advise you further.
  17. Mark, this would be for a sale that had already been made. I had 4 copies of a book, and had an incorrect inventory on ComicBase - and my AA store - of 5 copies. All 5 sold. Wanted to know if it was possible to cancel just the one copy of that book in the order on AA. Looks like I can only cancel the entire item - meaning all 5 copies - and not just 1 copy.
  18. Any adjustment you need to make (qty, condition, price, note change), must be made in the ComicBase software. When done, go the internet menu>sell - this will refresh your online selling on AA.
  19. Is there a way to cancel only 1 copy of a multiple quantity item? Example: Sold 5 copies of a comic book. Went to pull the books, and found I only have 4 copies in inventory. In AA, if I click on that item and try to cancel, it looks like it is going to cancel the entire quantity of that item. Is there a way to cancel only 1 quantity, making the order 4 copies of that particular book?
  20. I've created sets but never sold any. I don't think they are easily found by buyers. Other websites include sets right in with the individual book, so that when customers find or browse for a specific book, they see individual issues as well as sets that include that individual issue for sale. AA is just behind the times on how best to get sets in front of potential buyers.
  21. I feel silly... I didn't realize they were up since our server upgrade
  22. sets are currently not saleable on AA. A feature hopefully will be doable down the road.
  23. Just got a post notification from AA. Seems to be working now. Prices are as posted.
  24. Since the weekend I’ve been trying to update prices via ComicBase (latest version). I get successful completions but don’t get the email confirmation and the prices remain unchanged. Supp?
  25. I recently had an order for 6 books. On pulling one of them I decided to down-grade the book and the order became suspended. I know that the buyer now has to do something to 'release' the order but I was wondering if this will ding my perfect shipment record because I can't mark any part of the order as shipped until the buyer does something. When does the 24-hr clock start? When it's ordered or when the buyer either accepts or cancels a revised item?
  26. Hey gang! Super new to this awesome site. I was wondering if any of you knew a way to use the wonderful website to find local sellers near to where I live. Thank you for the help!
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