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  5. We required address verification for security. Contact your bank to add your shipping address to your account for address verification purposes. You may also consider using Paypal checkout , or Paypal for checkout, as this has more options for address verification.
  6. Hey Guys, I cant seem to buy comics on here. I think the issue is with the Address and phone number or the Credit card linked to the Address. I am from South Africa and I have a New York box which means that I send all my comics that I purchase in the US to a US address in Delaware. I have never had any issues purchasing comics this way. But on your site I think its because my Card isn't registered with the Address. Is there a way around this? Thanks so much,
  7. So is there any recourse when a seller is just lying on a response to a review? After reading this and my post sale interaction with said seller I changed my grade which then got me an email saying I was banned from his store, however in his response he just copied and pasted the same response he gave to the gentleman above. I never asked for shipping cost upfront. Apparently expecting things to be CGC quality means when I get a VF/NM book I should expect that the centerfold may be detached at a staple, or that there is heavy foxing on the entire book inside and out that is not disclosed, a
  8. Interesting, I had a similar experience with the same seller. Most books were not even close to the listed condition, like NM with detached covers and heavy foxing that wasn't disclosed or heavy tanning, and then wasn't pleased when I wanted to return most as if somehow I was being too picky. He did take the returns and reimburse me with the shipping, but just made it a huge headache for us both by over grading so bad. Based on all the great reviews I was shocked when I got the books. Also brings me up to the character limit on reviews, doesn't give enough space to explain a complicated si
  9. Not sure what the issue is, I looked at my profile and everything is there, also I've received plenty of emails from other sellers before.
  10. I have exchanged emails with Tommy Maric, sent him scans, and made successful sales. I don't know why his account has no contact info, but it is likely an innocent cause. I have an email address for him, and will send him a link to this discusson. Dan'l
  11. We are sorry you are having a negative experience with a seller on Atomic Avenue. The seller has offered to reimburse you for your return shipping cost. But to get the refund for the book and the reimbursement, you need to ship the item back to the seller. Your feedback is visible to other buyers. Many buyers will review the statements from other buyers, as well as the seller's rank and rating before they buy. There is no need to correspond with the seller further, other than to return the damaged item, check your confirmation that your return has been received, and expect a refund within
  12. Hi Salvador Contact ComicBase support at support@comicbase.com or check the ComicBase forums at forums.comicbase.com
  13. Had to do a clean re-install of my comicbase 2020 archive edition. The progam went in smooth as can be, but when I try to add the movies and pictures it wont go. Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1 Installed on ‎2/‎5/‎2021 OS build 19043.1055 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0
  14. That particular seller has a lot of sales transactions that have received a rating. Since the seller ratings are only calculated out to one decimal place, one low rating by a customer isn't going to have much impact mathematically. But I do understand your frustration since those particular books aren't in VF/NM condition, and there are better ways for a seller to respond on the feedback board than with the CGC comment.
  15. My problem with a recent transaction is that the Seller literally sent me a book that had been folded in half - length ways. The same book had blunted corners, dirt, foxing an stains - LISTED as NM - by Silverdollarcomics Many of the other books had spine tics and color breaks - YET listed ALL as NM Packaging was actually decent and didn't have any damage so books were clearly mailed this way! When I brought it up to the Seller he immediate cops an attitude. Offer to refund if I send them back. So Let's first start off with - I attached the photo of the Thor book that
  16. The "search by artist" feature is wonderful for tracking down all the obscure books illustrated by my favorite artists, but I don't see a similar way to specifically search for cover artists, which are often different than the artist listed. I can of course do the same search within ComicBase, and cross-reference, but it would be helpful to be able to do that search on the AA site itself. Am I overlooking something? Or if not, is this search by Cover Artist a feature that could be added?
  17. Hi Kenneth -- In the CB mobile app, the "Find Item" function will work just as you have described up above. Make sure that you are using the most recent version of the app and the most recent version of the ComicBase program, and you should be good to go. This function was put into the app in March, and there is a video that describes the upgrade to the app. Also, note that there is a forum dedicated to the ComicBase mobile app over at the ComicBase message boards (these are the Atomic Avenue message boards), feel free to post over there!
  18. The AA site seems to be back up now and loads promptly. Hopefully whatever the issue was has been addressed and things are stable now.
  19. The website is down and I've tried from my computer and phone to confirm. It was down last night (Friday 5/28) but was intermittently coming back up but taking forever to load. Now its down totally again Saturday morning. Downtime is money from both the standpoint of taking/processing orders and processing packages received so please address it as soon as possible and communicate out. Thank you.
  20. I have local customers wishing to shop my inventory in person so they can see the books. Is there a way to create an invoice, without shipping charges, and have the items remove from my inventory? The transaction would still process through Atomic Ave and the service would be subject to fees of course.
  21. Contact Atomic Avenue at support@atomicavenue.com with the seller's user ID. This user will be suspended/banned from Atomic Avenue. Atomic Avenue requires all users to have valid and accurate contact information.
  22. I received a message from notifications@atomicavenue.com Message from Atomic Avenue User From: Tommy Maric (croatbag) Hello, Can you provide me with a scan of Adventures on the Planet of the Apes #1? Thank you in advance. Tommy Tried to e-mail but croatbag per Atomic Avenue cannot receive messages. His profile has no information so no way to contact him. So cover scans attached.
  23. How do I delete my Atomic Avenue account??
  24. Change your region setting in Windows from US to Canada, and the next time you launch ComicBase, it will prompt you with an option to change your currency to Canadian dollars.
  25. If you are getting listing notifications, you have items marked as for sale and Sidekick set to post the items. Follow these steps: Remove your Atomic Avenue Inventory. Go to your My Account > My Store page, Click Store Setup at the top, then and click the “Remove” button at the bottom of the page. Make sure that you remove inventory from all databases shown in the Database ID drop down. Cancel any outstanding orders. Let the buyer know the books were listed accidentally and cancel each order so they can receive a refund. Go to ComicBase, and unmark your books a
  26. Atomic Avenue is a marketplace with sellers in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Shipping costs are calculated by weight and the most economical shipping method available in the seller's country by the state service (i.e. USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail. Etc.) This also covers the cost of tracking and for orders over $75, insurance. Sellers may use alternate shipping methods as long as the order arrives within the same time frame. Buyers will see the cost of shipping at checkout before paying. A single charge may reflect multiple orders, if the buyer has placed orders from multiple sellers in hi
  27. gotten another one of those today-five of them. i haven't been posting any books-not for many weeks. is sidekick malfunctioning? is it recounting stuff from god knows how long ago? or does this mean it's deducting the sold ones? i need to know this before someone asks for something i dont have and ruins my scores
  28. I haven't put up new books in several weeks but i've gotten at least 4 notifications that new books are up. I'm worried someone is going to try to buy something i dont have. How can i tell what the system thinks i posted?
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