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  2. Unfortunately, buyers expect refunds immediately and do not care that buyers may still be waiting for their disbursement. You should reach out to Atomic Avenue support directly at support@atomicavenue.com for help in this matter for review on the matter and for ways that the administrator may be able to help you directly.
  3. Hi Adrian Atomic Avenue commission is mostly Paypal fees, so all refund transactions are a loss. We advise buyers to contact a seller directly about an order they are unhappy with within 10 days of receiving the order. It is unusual for the buyer not to have contacted you about a return. We also advise buyers to call a seller if they haven't gotten a response, as email all too often gets misfiled or lost. It sounds like this was eventually resolved. It is unusual for a buyer to initiate a return without any direct communication. If you want to ban this buyer from purchasing from you again, you can contact Atomic Avenue support at support@atomicavenue.com. If you provide the order number to Atomic Avenue support, we can also make a note about your experience with this buyer for our files.
  4. First off, I have a five star rating that is now in jeopardy because of this guy and his inability to look in his spam folder, or send a basic inquiry. A hundred dollar comic was purchased from me, and god knows why that issue was even remotely worth that much, but hey, I don't set the prices, comic base does. It was a straight shock that that issue was "worth" that much. So it was bought and shipped same day, and randomly a week later it's back. Unopened. Just a new label slapped on it. No messages, no explanation, no request for refund, NOTHING. So naturally I email him. Nothing. A week later I email again. Nothing again. Then finally the buyer actually uses the built in contact method to go "where's my dough?" Now, seriously, who waits two weeks to get a hundred dollars back? So i say look, i contacted you twice. Sent screenshots of the sent items. Still denies he got them, and gets all snippy saying he's not lying. I never said he lied, I just sent him screenshots saying *I* did my due diligence. Now, I'm not trying to weasel out of the return. You screwed up? Fine. Here's your dough. Can't actually afford it? Fine, here's your dough. You found it for cheaper and now you're gonna flip it for the same price, pocketing the difference? (cause there are cheaper copies on atomic avenue) FINE, IT DOESN'T MATTER, HERE'S YOUR DOUGH. Just tell someone what you're doing already. It's basic buyer-seller courtesy, and common courtesy to boot. I looked at this newly labelled package in the mail and thought, "I didn't buy anything from whoever this is? What the heck is it?" And this return/refund process is straight terrible. Why isn't there a return/refund button somewhere? Why isn't all this handled internally in software? Now I'm out the shipping, and the commission, because I only got 90 bucks from atomic avenue on a 106 dollar book when the payment came through. I'm out nearly twenty bucks now. A refund should be a complete WASH, not a net loss to the seller.
  5. This is a little...light...on procedure. This guy wants a refund for funds i haven't received yet, so if i send him money through paypal, it's out my pocket and not out of the system. im losing 100 dollars. there isn't yet a transaction to reverse because Atomic Avenue doesn't disburse for two weeks. Advice?
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  7. Hi Adrian — Is this an Atomic Avenue question or a ComicBase question? If the latter, this would be better addressed over on the CB msg boards. Probably the easiest thing to do would be to do a search for items that have more than, say, 10 copies in stock. That should allow you to find the erroneous database entry.
  8. something COMPLETELY ridiculous happened, and i can only figure i put like, a barcode number in the copies field-but i dont know how to find it! look at this-obviously i didn't suddenly acquire nearly a million books, hahah. Any idea how i can look this up?
  9. You may want to pose that question during the Pete's ComicBase lifestream, but for what it's worth, we continue to see most mainstream titles printed with at least 3 variant covers for each issue; publishers aren't slowing down on the practice of printing variants. The latest reboot of the Red Sonja series has 43 variant covers for the first issue -- and that is just for the first solicitation, that does not include dealer and show exclusive variants to be printed or to be available later.
  10. I seem to recall that Pete stated that in March of 2023, 81%(or 83%) of all comics printed were variants. Is that still accurate? Do we have the date for April yet?
  11. Send the image to support@atomicavenue.com. We cannot troubleshoot this issue in the forum.
  12. I've done that a few times. No good.
  13. Go to store setup and post your image again. If that does not work, make sure it meets the size and format criteria, i.e. 88px by 88 px for your logo or 1170 px x 200 px for your store banner. If that does not work, send the image(s) to us at support@atomicavenue.com together with your store name and let us know you are having trouble posting them to your store.
  14. There is a broken image link on my Store page.
  15. Was looking at the Atomic Avenue listings for Amazing Spider-Man #666, and for Variation 111 through 143, the web page lists the items as #666 with no variation designation. Variations 1 through 110 are all displayed properly (e.g., "#666 Variation 1"). I am assuming that there is some obscure coding issue at work here. To see what I am describing, go to the Amazing Spider-Man page, click on the page "2" link, and scroll down. The problem also is manifest on the individual pages for the affected variants. See this page for #666 Variation 111 for example.
  16. It shouldn't be complicated. In Canada and depending on your courier, their shipping options and $ amount, i just fill out a ship to U.S. form. Offering a "sell to Canada" separate from "sell internationally" just makes good business sense for Atomic Avenue and sellers.
  17. Last I checked, the settings for Atomic Avenue essentially only allow US users the following combinations: • Sell to the US only • Sell internationally everywhere • Sell internationally everywhere except for the UK Speaking for myself, I elect to sell only to the US b/c I am less knowledgeable about international shipping options and rules. I assume that shipping from US to Canada isn't too difficult or complicated, so having an "opt-in" for selling to Canada might very get me to start doing that.
  18. Just an observation, but why do so many sellers on Atomic don't ship to Canada? You're missing out on potential sales? Also, it would be great if we could see a list of all the sellers on Atomic. Another advantage to increase your store's visibility to old and new customers. Cheers! M
  19. On December 23, 2022, the IRS reviewed its guidelines regarding 1099-K reporting requirements. For 2022, we are only required to file 1099-K forms for sellers who have received more than $20,000 in disbursements that year. We have done so. All sellers who meet the 1099-K reporting requirements for 2023 will receive a 1099-K form from us in 2024. Any tax ID information we have received remains secured and encrypted and will only be accessed when needed.
  20. Hi, all, and happy new year. I found this site from some random post on Reddit, and am very thankful for it. I don't tend to have many conventions in my area, and the few comic shops in the area tend to overprice the kind of thing I'm looking for. I love books from the 70's and 80's, and I've found so many reader-quality copies on here for a buck or two a piece. It's a bit of a mini-game to find the right seller combo (minimum dollar amount vs needing issues from different sellers), but I'm happy to do it. I know this is not really a conversation topic, but I just wanted to thank the site owners as well as the sellers on here. I'll absolutely keep coming back.
  21. That would only explain Mike's situation if he posted inventory, changed his For Sale checkboxes, then re-uploaded his inventory. I am interpreting his post to mean that he uploaded his inventory, initially saw 8100+ items successfully posted, and (presumably without re-uploading his inventory or selling the vast majority of his inventory) now only has a small number of items posted. Assuming that my interpretation is correct *and* that this isn't some kind of fluke, the only thing that I can think of is that he had a lot of items that changed media category. So (hypothetical example here) his issues of Who's Who might have been uploaded some time ago as comics originally and those listings were "lost" when Who's Who moved to Magazines during a content update of the master database. Or a whole bunch of variants got renamed with the introduction of the "Version" designation, and he never updated his inventory accordingly. It would be unusual for somebody to have a lot of inventory that got shifted around like that, but hypothetically it isn't impossible.
  22. Also make sure items are marked for sale. Only marked items will be posted for sale.
  23. Have you tried re-uploading your inventory to see if that solves the issue?
  24. Just checked my inventory and my 8100 listings (estimated count) has been reduced to 2 items in my inventory. Does anyone know what happened?
  25. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are required to pay federal income tax. Even the National Taxpayers Union Foundation admits that under current law, payment of federal income tax is required. The IRS makes this pretty clear on their website as well and they cite relevant case law.
  26. Don -- you were the first to try this feature and report an error. Good news, it is fixed now! Sellers can now refund single items from a multiple item order. For instance, if a buyer bought 3 copies of an issue and you only have two, you can cancel the missing issue off the order. To do so check the box next to the line with the multiple items and click the Cancel Items... button at the bottom of the page. In the window that appears, if there were multiple issues on the line, you have the option to specify the number of items to cancel. Click OK and Atomic Avenue will issue a refund for the missing item(s) and the order page will change to reflect the corrected number of items you are shipping.
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