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  5. Hi, all, and happy new year. I found this site from some random post on Reddit, and am very thankful for it. I don't tend to have many conventions in my area, and the few comic shops in the area tend to overprice the kind of thing I'm looking for. I love books from the 70's and 80's, and I've found so many reader-quality copies on here for a buck or two a piece. It's a bit of a mini-game to find the right seller combo (minimum dollar amount vs needing issues from different sellers), but I'm happy to do it. I know this is not really a conversation topic, but I just wanted to thank the site owners as well as the sellers on here. I'll absolutely keep coming back.
  6. That would only explain Mike's situation if he posted inventory, changed his For Sale checkboxes, then re-uploaded his inventory. I am interpreting his post to mean that he uploaded his inventory, initially saw 8100+ items successfully posted, and (presumably without re-uploading his inventory or selling the vast majority of his inventory) now only has a small number of items posted. Assuming that my interpretation is correct *and* that this isn't some kind of fluke, the only thing that I can think of is that he had a lot of items that changed media category. So (hypothetical example here) his issues of Who's Who might have been uploaded some time ago as comics originally and those listings were "lost" when Who's Who moved to Magazines during a content update of the master database. Or a whole bunch of variants got renamed with the introduction of the "Version" designation, and he never updated his inventory accordingly. It would be unusual for somebody to have a lot of inventory that got shifted around like that, but hypothetically it isn't impossible.
  7. Also make sure items are marked for sale. Only marked items will be posted for sale.
  8. Have you tried re-uploading your inventory to see if that solves the issue?
  9. Just checked my inventory and my 8100 listings (estimated count) has been reduced to 2 items in my inventory. Does anyone know what happened?
  10. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are required to pay federal income tax. Even the National Taxpayers Union Foundation admits that under current law, payment of federal income tax is required. The IRS makes this pretty clear on their website as well and they cite relevant case law.
  11. Don -- you were the first to try this feature and report an error. Good news, it is fixed now! Sellers can now refund single items from a multiple item order. For instance, if a buyer bought 3 copies of an issue and you only have two, you can cancel the missing issue off the order. To do so check the box next to the line with the multiple items and click the Cancel Items... button at the bottom of the page. In the window that appears, if there were multiple issues on the line, you have the option to specify the number of items to cancel. Click OK and Atomic Avenue will issue a refund for the missing item(s) and the order page will change to reflect the corrected number of items you are shipping.
  12. Now that Atomic Avenue supports changing the quantity of items sold, am I the only one having issues with it? It's not working very well for me.
  13. The more I research the tax law, the more it becomes apparent that most of us (99%) are not responsible for federal taxes. I implore people to please take a little time and do some research of your own. We've been lied to for many many years.
  14. So PayPal "turned me back on". What a weird company. If it happens again, I'll let you know...
  15. Hi Rob Contact us directly. Short answer is no, but this is also the first time we have had this happen to a seller.
  16. PayPal, LITERALLY just canceled me. Their reason is for "potential risk and safety". Apparently there's NOTHING I CAN DO about it. Are there alternatives to PayPal for Atomic Avenue payouts?
  17. Suggest Flat Rate Ship = N does mean flat rate is not the most economical option. If it is, sellers will see a Y and the number of packages to ship the order in. There are currently no other letters other than N for no and Y for yes.
  18. Est Package is relatively straight forward it's your guess on the number of packages an order may need. Suggest Flat Rate Ship is not straight forward. My first order under the new update the Suggest Flat Rate Ship is N which means do not ship Flat Rate or something else. Also will there be other letters?
  19. Still having trouble with store logo. Tried uploading an 88x88 several times.
  20. You can now search Atomic Avenue for issues by the cover artist. To search by cover artist, click on the Find button next to the search bar and select Cover Artist. Enter the name of the cover artist and you will see available issues with covers by that artist. To include unavailable items, uncheck the Show Only Items in Stock checkbox in the upper right hand side. Sellers can now regrade or cancel items ordered in multiples greater than one. For instance, if the buyer has purchased 2 copies of an issue, but the seller discovers one is not available, the seller can cancel one and ship the other. Similarly if one item is overgraded, the seller can regrade it without affecting the other copies the buyer has purchased. US sellers will now see information regarding the shipping cost calculation for USPS shipping on orders wherein the buyer is paying for shipping. Most importantly, this notes whether USPS flat-rate shipping offers the most economical First/Priority option and how many packages the order should be shipped in if flat-rate shipping is used.
  21. Sellers are responsible for refunds after an order has been marked as shipped. Sellers should provide an electronic refund, i.e. Paypal, and keep a record of the refund in case of dispute. If the buyer cannot/will not accept an electronic refund, contact Atomic Avenue support.
  22. Carolyn: Super great and detailed info. I really appreciate that. ThanX so much! Rob
  23. Hi Rob It's a loose "same day" -- essentially it means you got the order together and shipped it while it was still in "Processing," a time period between 24 and 48 hours (depending on when the order was placed) before the buyer can cancel it. It's not particularly sophisticated so it does not grant you extra time for mailing holidays (as these vary between countries.) Sellers who can print a mailing label with a form of tracking from their own business or home have somewhat of an advantage, because you can get it in the mailing system as soon as it's packed (although many USPS locations have self-serve kiosks where you can also get a package mailed during holidays and weekends.) It's great that our sellers are paying attention to seller performance, though the same day shipping bonus is just a plus, and you needn't be overly concerned if you are "merely" getting orders out within two business days. Sometimes sellers get orders for hundreds of items, and it is pretty miraculous if you can get that all pulled, packed, and out in the mail within 24 hours. The things that will really hurt your seller performance are late shipping and cancellations, so good inventory control and a system that lets you locate your inventory items quickly should be a primary concern.
  24. I finally got a book to post My Store ...kind of. Same result at Magazines. Books Comic Books Magazines Show by Title: All - Marvel Comics Novel (Pocket) Notes Condition: Guide Price: Price: Painted cover (Pocket); Text story; Not illustrated; 176 pages Condition: Guide Price: Price: Painted cover (Pocket; Text story; Not illustrated; (Pocket); 192 pages Condition: Guide Price: Price: Painted cover (Pocket; Text story; Not illustrated; (Pocket); 192 pages Condition: Guide Price: Price: Painted cover (Pocket); Text story; Not illustrated; 192 pages Condition: Guide Price: Price: Painted cover (Pocket); Text story; Not illustrated; 192 pages
  25. Magazines are still not showing up and as requested sent message to support@atomicavenue.com
  26. OK ThanX! I agree clarification would be nice.
  27. In my experience, it seems like it counts 24 hours after the order was placed in the system by the buyer. When counting the 24 hours, I don't think that non-business days (i.e., Saturday and any days where the U.S. postal service's offices are not open) are included. So as I understand things, if a buyer places an order at 11pm on Friday, the seller has until 10:59pm the following Monday (assuming that it isn't a postal holiday such as Labor Day or Memorial Day) to ship the order to receive the "same day" points. But @Carolyn J. Bickford can give a more definitive answer, I am sure. (It would be nice for the Help pages on the AA site to include a clarification on this.)
  28. Hi Joel I'll put it down for a request to improve Atomic Avenue (even if it's just to turn it back.) When/if you have time, start a thread in the Feature suggestions part of these forums and let us know how you are using it. We had another ComicBase user who wasn't aware of how to see the guide prices for each issue in ComicBase (instead of just the current value of what you have at the condition it is in) so we may go back and forth in what ComicBase can do for collectors and what Atomic Avenue can do for buyers.
  29. I am a ComicBase user. I just liked seeing the values on AA when looking at individual comics. So, it's not going to be added back?
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