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  1. I've done that a few times. No good.
  2. There is a broken image link on my Store page.
  3. So PayPal "turned me back on". What a weird company. If it happens again, I'll let you know...
  4. PayPal, LITERALLY just canceled me. Their reason is for "potential risk and safety". Apparently there's NOTHING I CAN DO about it. Are there alternatives to PayPal for Atomic Avenue payouts?
  5. Still having trouble with store logo. Tried uploading an 88x88 several times.
  6. Carolyn: Super great and detailed info. I really appreciate that. ThanX so much! Rob
  7. OK ThanX! I agree clarification would be nice.
  8. Wondering about points given for "same day" shipping. Does that mean within 24 hours, or does it mean literally the same calendar day? So if someone orders at 11 pm and I don't ship it out by midnight, I lose the "same day" points? Also, how do weekends play? I mean no one ships or can ship on a Sunday so... Just wondering how all that works.
  9. YES! That was definitely it. Mmm. That instructions post says "marked", that's kind of confusing. But thank you so much. Listings are there. https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/SellerIssues.aspx?S=RTwohy
  10. Hi Carolyn, yes I read that post before. I assume it's hooked to my account already because when I choose "Post Items For Sale On Atomic Avenue" it shows me the dialogue box (as shown in my previous post) with zero items, even though I have items marked. It doesn't ask me to link my account because I assume I've already done that.
  11. I tried for the first time posting on Atmoic Avenue. Just as a test I tried posting one item, but I couldn't get it to work. I have the item marked, but it says 0 items for sale?
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