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  1. Over on the ComicBase forum ( http://forums.comicbase.com/ ) there is a Tab for Forum Archive. Maybe HC needs to add the same Tab on this new Atomic Avenue forum to make it easier to get to.
  2. If you are just entering the one Item # to get a second copy, instead of Adding a new Item #, try using Duplicate (from the Right-Click pop-up menu). This should retain all the information for the Item # you are duplicating while allowing you to change other fields (condition, price, notes, etc.) Unfortunately, this does NOT work if you select multiple Item #'s at one time. ---- The CTRL + J was replaced by the F3 key. Pressing F3 allows you to just to an Issue in a Title (and that is all it does as you can jump to another Title). One thing about it, however, is you have to type in the Item # EXACTLY. If you are jumping to Item # 500, it if fine as long as there IS an Item # 500. If there are only Item #s 500/A and 500/B, typing 500 will not take you there you would need to type in 500/A or 500/B. Also, it IS case sensitive. Again in you have Item #s 500/A an 500/B, typing 500/a with not take you there.
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