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  1. gotten another one of those today-five of them. i haven't been posting any books-not for many weeks. is sidekick malfunctioning? is it recounting stuff from god knows how long ago? or does this mean it's deducting the sold ones? i need to know this before someone asks for something i dont have and ruins my scores
  2. I haven't put up new books in several weeks but i've gotten at least 4 notifications that new books are up. I'm worried someone is going to try to buy something i dont have. How can i tell what the system thinks i posted?
  3. I'm not a business, I'm just trying to clean out my house-so I've made a couple mistakes and users have wanted me to waive shipping as a way to make up for the mistake-I'd be happy to do that, but i can't find a method to. In the orders summary, there are ways to regrade or cancel individual books, but no drop downs or buttons for controlling the shipping.
  4. There's no email address for a buyer and i have to tell him about a mistake. He doesn't seem to have a forum name either. When i click on the link for his username, it brings me to an empty store, with no other contact info. clicking on his name in his empty store brings me to an empty profile. What to do? I want to correct this but i can't speak to him.
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