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Temporarily Closing Your Store aka "On Vacation"

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There may be times when a seller cannot ship an order within 2 days, for instance if the seller has to go out of town or is sick. You can set your store to be "on vacation" which will hide your listings from buyers until you can ship orders again.

To do so, log in to Atomic Avenue, and go to My Account > Profile. You will see an "On Vacation" checkbox. Click the checkbox and then go to the bottom of the page and click the Save button. 

When you can ship orders again, go to My Account > Profile and uncheck the "On Vacation" checkbox, and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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@Paul Wills We used to allow store inventory to be visible when a seller had set the store to be "on vacation." Unfortunately, it generated so many questions and aggravation amongst buyers that we chose to hide stores that are on vacation. Sellers typically do not repost and update inventory while their store is on vacation, and if their inventory included a comic that had undergone a price spike, value-oriented buyers would bombard the seller with email and phone calls wanting to know when the item (at that price) would be available to buy, as well as send inquiries to Atomic Avenue, and to other sellers asking them to match the outdated price. Sellers have various reasons for setting a store to be on vacation -- typical ones are going out of town or temporarily not having access to inventory; others are illness or care for others. In the latter case, the inquiries were unwelcome. And Atomic Avenue pointed out that if it was a store with a lengthy break (as might be the case for illness) that the prices would almost certainly undergo a price update before being placed into active sales again.

Your concern about buyers having an impression that a favorite seller has disappeared is valid. Would it make sense for you as a seller to have a "will return by" annotation, even though it would only be seen by buyers who are looking for you by your user ID, as inventory would still be hidden?

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