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  1. Hi Adrian — Is this an Atomic Avenue question or a ComicBase question? If the latter, this would be better addressed over on the CB msg boards. Probably the easiest thing to do would be to do a search for items that have more than, say, 10 copies in stock. That should allow you to find the erroneous database entry.
  2. Was looking at the Atomic Avenue listings for Amazing Spider-Man #666, and for Variation 111 through 143, the web page lists the items as #666 with no variation designation. Variations 1 through 110 are all displayed properly (e.g., "#666 Variation 1"). I am assuming that there is some obscure coding issue at work here. To see what I am describing, go to the Amazing Spider-Man page, click on the page "2" link, and scroll down. The problem also is manifest on the individual pages for the affected variants. See this page for #666 Variation 111 for example.
  3. Last I checked, the settings for Atomic Avenue essentially only allow US users the following combinations: • Sell to the US only • Sell internationally everywhere • Sell internationally everywhere except for the UK Speaking for myself, I elect to sell only to the US b/c I am less knowledgeable about international shipping options and rules. I assume that shipping from US to Canada isn't too difficult or complicated, so having an "opt-in" for selling to Canada might very get me to start doing that.
  4. That would only explain Mike's situation if he posted inventory, changed his For Sale checkboxes, then re-uploaded his inventory. I am interpreting his post to mean that he uploaded his inventory, initially saw 8100+ items successfully posted, and (presumably without re-uploading his inventory or selling the vast majority of his inventory) now only has a small number of items posted. Assuming that my interpretation is correct *and* that this isn't some kind of fluke, the only thing that I can think of is that he had a lot of items that changed media category. So (hypothetical example here) his issues of Who's Who might have been uploaded some time ago as comics originally and those listings were "lost" when Who's Who moved to Magazines during a content update of the master database. Or a whole bunch of variants got renamed with the introduction of the "Version" designation, and he never updated his inventory accordingly. It would be unusual for somebody to have a lot of inventory that got shifted around like that, but hypothetically it isn't impossible.
  5. Have you tried re-uploading your inventory to see if that solves the issue?
  6. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are required to pay federal income tax. Even the National Taxpayers Union Foundation admits that under current law, payment of federal income tax is required. The IRS makes this pretty clear on their website as well and they cite relevant case law.
  7. In my experience, it seems like it counts 24 hours after the order was placed in the system by the buyer. When counting the 24 hours, I don't think that non-business days (i.e., Saturday and any days where the U.S. postal service's offices are not open) are included. So as I understand things, if a buyer places an order at 11pm on Friday, the seller has until 10:59pm the following Monday (assuming that it isn't a postal holiday such as Labor Day or Memorial Day) to ship the order to receive the "same day" points. But @Carolyn J. Bickford can give a more definitive answer, I am sure. (It would be nice for the Help pages on the AA site to include a clarification on this.)
  8. I agree. If you are available later today, you might consider bringing this up in the chat during today's ComicBase Livestream. Sounds like AA will be a topic today.
  9. "Recent Feedback" entries have a fairly short lifespan, I think that they disappear after only a month or so. The suggestion has been made on Human Computing's Slack that it would be beneficial for "Recent Feedback" entries to be visible for a much longer time.
  10. That answer presupposes that the seller's activity is such that it requires the seller to obtain such a permit etc. It is important for any seller to know the rules for their own state. For my state (New Jersey), Atomic Avenue clearly meets the definition of a Marketplace Facilitator and it is therefore Atomic Avenue's responsibility to register with the state and to pay any sales tax that is due to NJ. Remote sellers who sell to NJ customers only need to collect NJ sales tax if they meet certain thresholds, but this does not apply to marketplace sellers. The current NJ law "requires the marketplace facilitator to collect and remit Sales Tax on all marketplace transactions. The marketplace is required to collect and remit tax, regardless of whether the marketplace seller is above or below either of the economic thresholds." If I make a sale on AA to a customer outside of NJ, then no NJ sales tax is due (page 8 of this document: "Items that are normally taxable when sold and delivered to a New Jersey location are generally not subject to New Jersey Sales Tax when they are shipped to a destination outside this State."). So in my case, my understanding of the public NJ Division of Taxation documents is the following: (1) NJ sales tax only matters for my AA transactions if I sell to another NJ address, *and* (2) it is Atomic Avenue's responsibility to collect tax for those transactions and remit them to the state of NJ. Other states (and in some cases, even specific municipalities) will have their own rules, certainly. Find them, learn them, and proceed accordingly. Good rule of thumb: *always* report your income from all sources at tax time! 🙂
  11. Forgot to add: You don't have to use the ComicBase valuations when you post your comics for sale, you can set the price to be whatever you want for each individual comic. I find that it does help to look to see what other sellers at AA and other venues are asking for some items.
  12. It isn't just you. I have also experienced these same problems with the AA wishlist.
  13. The shipping calculator for AA could use a bit more transparency, I agree. I have been beating that drum for a while now (as have a few others), and my understanding is that AA is due for an "upgrade" at some undefined point in the near future. Hopefully one of the changes will be for the AA shipping calculator to tell the seller what shipping method it used to arrive at when making its calculation. Without knowing the particulars of your two orders, it is impossible to provide any kind of specific feedback re: what shipping method you should have used for your two orders in order to (at least) break even.
  14. I assume that you are in the US. Sales tax rules depend on the state in which you live and, in some cases, your local municipality. So it is impossible to answer your question without knowing your location. It might be worth visiting the website for your state's version of the IRS.
  15. Hi Richard! This is more of a ComicBase content problem rather than something specific to Atomic Avenue (titles and issues listed on AA are based on the ComicBase master database), so it makes more sense to post your comment over at the CB msg boards (specifically on the "Content and Corrections" forum). It has a greater chance of being seen and discussed over there by the folks who are in a position to make any necessary corrections to the ComicBase database.
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