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  1. That particular seller has a lot of sales transactions that have received a rating. Since the seller ratings are only calculated out to one decimal place, one low rating by a customer isn't going to have much impact mathematically. But I do understand your frustration since those particular books aren't in VF/NM condition, and there are better ways for a seller to respond on the feedback board than with the CGC comment.
  2. Hi Kenneth -- In the CB mobile app, the "Find Item" function will work just as you have described up above. Make sure that you are using the most recent version of the app and the most recent version of the ComicBase program, and you should be good to go. This function was put into the app in March, and there is a video that describes the upgrade to the app. Also, note that there is a forum dedicated to the ComicBase mobile app over at the ComicBase message boards (these are the Atomic Avenue message boards), feel free to post over there!
  3. The AA site seems to be back up now and loads promptly. Hopefully whatever the issue was has been addressed and things are stable now.
  4. 4. I would also add that when I click on the name of a publisher on an Atomic Avenue page, the resulting page only lists items in the AA database that are listed as comics. Books and magazines don't seem to be coming up. This should be fixed so that it is easier for customers to find non-comic titles to shop for. 5. On a related note, the "autofill" options that come up in the Atomic Avenue search bar need to alphabetize *all* results regardless of media. For example, if I type "creator" into the AA search field, one of the options that comes up *should* be the magazine Comic Book
  5. I would have posted this in the Feature Suggestions section of this forum, but apparently that section doesn't allow me to post there. As a moderator, that shouldn't be... and even more importantly, if a mod can't post there, then neither can regular users of the board either. Any way that can be fixed? 🙂 Anyway, here are the items that I had in mind to post in the Feature Suggestions: 1. Can we have a link on the AA boards to point to the old AA msg board? There is a similar "Archive" tab on the ComicBase forum page, it would be nice to have the equivalent here. 2. Woul
  6. Just like on our old message boards, we would like folks to follow a few basic, common-sense rules to make things fun and reasonably polite for everyone. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to send a note to the moderators or administrators. General Rules: Respect the netiquette: this is common sense. Just as society has rules for how to interact in real life, the 'Net has rules for proper conduct on the web. No ALL CAPS yelling, no spamming, and no flaming. Lurk around and get to know the forums and how to post if you're unsure about the conventions. Post
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