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  1. I'm in the process of setting up a store. I have 2100+ comics to sell, but not all have been fully graded yet. Most only have preliminary/approximate grades, so I want to post only specific books or series of books for now. I know I can mark certain ones and upload them to my store, but then how do I see them without them being visible to the public before I'm ready? I have the store marked as On Vacation for now, but I can't see anything in my store. Not a single book. Is that how it works for On Vacation, or am I encountering a problem? ComicBase reports that my store is live. If that's normal behavior, then how do I keep the store offline yet visible to me while I set it up? (I know I have to make all changes inside ComicBase, but I'd like to see what the public will see, so I can spot any problems before the books go public.) When I go to Setup for my store, it reports that there are 15 books with a value of $13700+. There should be more like 92 books so far, and they are probably worth less than that amount. (I haven't tried to come up with a total yet.) I uploaded 77 books today and CB reported that they were posted successfully. I have no idea what's going on. I imagine I did something wrong, but I'm not seeing anything helpful in the user's guides and FAQs. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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