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  4. Forgot to add: You don't have to use the ComicBase valuations when you post your comics for sale, you can set the price to be whatever you want for each individual comic. I find that it does help to look to see what other sellers at AA and other venues are asking for some items.
  5. It isn't just you. I have also experienced these same problems with the AA wishlist.
  6. Hi After years of using Atomic Ave I have always wondered why the wish list is NEVER accurate. Books marked as available are often not and at times books without the green check mark have copies for sale. For a while i thought if it had price by it then there was a copy available , nope. It doesnt seem to matter if I have my settings to a certain grade or not. I mostly have to go through each issue and check and honestly just end up quitting halfway through so I am sure someone is losing sales. The email updates do seem pretty accurate and I understand if a hot book sells before I take a look at it. I have deleted and re-entered the list several times and it doesnt seem to help. Any thoughts ? I am attaching current pics to illustrate the issue. Of the books below only Aztek has copies. Why do some have values listed and others do not ? Thanks -Jason
  7. The shipping calculator for AA could use a bit more transparency, I agree. I have been beating that drum for a while now (as have a few others), and my understanding is that AA is due for an "upgrade" at some undefined point in the near future. Hopefully one of the changes will be for the AA shipping calculator to tell the seller what shipping method it used to arrive at when making its calculation. Without knowing the particulars of your two orders, it is impossible to provide any kind of specific feedback re: what shipping method you should have used for your two orders in order to (at least) break even.
  8. I assume that you are in the US. Sales tax rules depend on the state in which you live and, in some cases, your local municipality. So it is impossible to answer your question without knowing your location. It might be worth visiting the website for your state's version of the IRS.
  9. I am a new seller, and I am disappointed with the reimbursement for shipping. I shipped out 9 comics to two different sellers and the total cost for shipping was 33 dollars I was reimbursed only 22.50. I am reassessing selling on AA for this and other reasons. I am also disappointed with ComicBase values for comics. They seem to be priced quite low.
  10. I am a new seller on Atomic Avenue. I have been collecting comics for ~ 25 years and I am selling my personal collection. Do I need to charge sales tax? Or does that begin when I have sold a certain amount. This is a hobby for me and not a business. Does that make a difference? I look forward to your responses. Thanks, Steve
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  12. if i had listing for qty 2 of an issue and turns out that i have only 1 how would i refund/cancel just 1 book not both? i had that come up and just ended up canceling both books.
  13. Hi Richard! This is more of a ComicBase content problem rather than something specific to Atomic Avenue (titles and issues listed on AA are based on the ComicBase master database), so it makes more sense to post your comment over at the CB msg boards (specifically on the "Content and Corrections" forum). It has a greater chance of being seen and discussed over there by the folks who are in a position to make any necessary corrections to the ComicBase database.
  14. I have a number of Savage Dragon TPB's and have found that the database for the images for book 5 is actually book 7 (a talk with god issues 27-33), #5 is revenge issues 17-21 (the cover you show for Book 4). cover you show for Book3, 2nd print is cover for Book 4. Richard
  15. I suspect that this is a question about buying multiple different issues from the same seller and how to do that with a reasonably low number of clicks. Atomic Avenue is in need of an overhaul in several areas, and this is one area that should get some attention from the programming team IMO. (Other items that should be on the "to do" list include: better integration of magazines, books, and newspapers into store listings and in-store search results; more transparency to seller and buyer regarding shipping method that was used in determining shipping costs; including the years of publication for titles in the drop-down hits when typing into the search bar much like how this is handled in ComicBase; complete updating of Atomic Avenue's Help pages to reflect current AA policies and standards etc.)
  16. Whether a title falls into the Comic Book or Magazine media category depends on the contents of the publication, not on its physical construction. Marvel Previews and DC Connect do not actually contain comics (i.e., graphic sequential storytelling) and instead contain listings of comics that will be on sale in the future. Thus, these titles fall into the Magazine media category. Similarly, titles such as DC's Who's Who titles and Marvel's Official Index and Official Handbook titles have also been moved to Magazines (they contain encyclopedic descriptions of comics and comic characters, but don't contain graphic sequential storytelling). Other titles that have made the move to magazines include Amazing Heroes, Marvel Age, and DC Direct Currents. I leave it to @Peter R. Bickford and/or @Mark J. Castaneda to discuss what is up with the G.I. Joe series as I don't follow it and therefore don't know the in's and out's behind any changes there.
  17. Why have Marvel Previews and DC Connect started to be listed as "magazines" instead of "comic books" as in the past? Why is the current iteration of G.I. Joe listed as a Marvel comic instead of IDW. I mean, it's been IDW since 2008. Can these things be fixed?
  18. Assuming this is in the situation where the seller has multiple copies of a specific issue. In such a case, you do need to click "buy" for each one which adds to the quantity of that specific issue in your cart from that seller. Most of our sellers are individual sellers who typically only have a single copy of a specific issue in stock, or very few. There are several larger sellers who will have multiple quantities of issues available.
  19. Publishing to the wish list started working again for a time, but now is not. I have several hundred comics with the wanted field checked, and have backed up the database to the cloud multiple times, but nothing is populated to my wish list.
  20. I find this topic to be relevant since I plan to be listing my comics soon.
  21. Michael -- we have already responded to you directly via email and phone. We understand the situation and have offered to make the order non-scoring, but you need to send us that request via email together with the order number and reason. You have no demerits on your account. Demerits are given to sellers and buyers for system violations and are visible on your storefront. You may be confused by negative points for a late order in your Seller Performance Score, which is only visible to you and the administrators, and which is used to suspend under-performing sellers from Atomic Avenue. Your Seller Performance is excellent, and should not be a concern.
  22. I agree you should not have been slapped in this case. Sounds like a defect in an automatic system, that could be corrected manually by Atomic Avenue support. Dan'l
  23. I received an order around 12 p.m. on a Saturday. The post office closed at 1 p.m. They were closed Sunday and then Monday for Juneteenth. I was about to mail an order out the following morning when I got a cancellation from the buyer. Now I have 3 demerits on my record. If I have 2 business days to mail an order out, any idea why I got the demerits? I don't think this is fair as the buyer was a bit impatient during the days the post office was closed, out of my control.
  24. Is there a way to select multiple comics at once from a seller on Atomic Avenue, or do I have to click “buy” for each one?
  25. I selected the "Remove All" to clear out the issues I've purchased, but since then the wish list won't refresh with the items I have checked as "Wanted." I've tried backing up the database to the cloud multiple times to no avail.
  26. It is a known issue that items from the Books and Magazines categories do not show up in sellers' store pages, they can only be found via a search. I know that this has been mentioned several times to @Peter R. Bickford (including in the weekly ComicBase Livestream chat) and it is my understanding that there are some Atomic Avenue updates that are in the works. Hopefully this means that the problem will be addressed soon.
  27. I just had a customer purchase some magazines "The Comic Reader" I have for sales but he did not find them in my store. That title is not in the pull down list for My Store nor are other magazines like "Monster Times" not in the list. The customer found them by doing a search for the titles and found them. Any reason the magazines are not part of My Store.
  28. On the Atomic Avenue website, check to be sure that only a single database is the source of your AA inventory. My Account pulldown menu --> select My Store --> click on "Store Setup" (the link next to the gear) On the resulting page, you should be able to scroll down and verify that you have only one database as the source of your AA inventory in the "Currently Posted Items" section.
  29. After using the sell on AA feature, comics that aren't in CB still are listing for sale in my shop. What am I missing? I appreciate and help.
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