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  1. Another case in point; I just ordered $160 worth of books from a seller, paid almost $19 in shipping, and they're being sent Media Mail. A quick "ballpark" check of how much that might cost shows under $4. I asked that it be sent Priority instead. Developing...
  2. I think the cost for mailing needs to be looked at overall. I would like to see it established that books have to be shipped at least First Class and Media Mail not be used at all. I've been under the impression that comics aren't supposed to be sent via Media Mail anyway. I just paid almost $14 to get 4 books shipped (two transactions, my own fault.) and the seller has sent them Media Mail. Kind of bad form, when you think about it.
  3. I just placed an order from England and no tracking was provided. I've bought from this person before, but I'd like an idea of when to expect it at least...
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