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Has anyone ever sold a set?

Dan’l Leviton

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I've created sets but never sold any. I don't think they are easily found by buyers. Other websites include sets right in with the individual book, so that when customers find or browse for a specific book, they see individual issues as well as sets that include that individual issue for sale. AA is just behind the times on how best to get sets in front of potential buyers.

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I am interested in selling sets too but I have a more basic question.  I have some duplicate issues of some titles.  I have set the reserve quantity to 1 so I retain 1 copy.  However, when I create a set and add that issue to the set, it adds the total quantity and doesn't appear to reserve the 1 copy minimum.  The set shows the total quantity for each issue and doesn't allow the quantity to be modified in the set.  

Another option I have thought of but haven't figured out how to do is to add a new row for the same issue, and set the quantity to 1, which would allow me to select a specific row when adding to the set.  But I don't like the idea of a duplicate row.  

How do we get selling sets as a higher priority on the feature list?  I haven't started selling yet, but I'd prefer to try to sell sets versus having my titles cherry-picked for the "hot" issues.  

I appreciate any comments, thank you!



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I honestly don't know how easy it is for buyers right now to see sets for sale when browsing on AA.  Sets on AA kind of have the reputation of being a place where inventory goes to languish.  But I know that this issue is on the radar and that a series of upgrades are in the works for Atomic Avenue... so I am hopeful that this will be addressed somewhat soonish.  

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