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  1. This is more a of ComicBase problem so it be best to post here in the future so you get support from the CB team/community: https://forums.comicbase.com/index.php?/forum/9-tech-support/ Sounds like your custom field data for knowing where things are on your end disappeared... Did this happen recently for you? Or is this a bug you can reproduce with a few detailed steps? Do you have an old backup dbs you can open into the software where that data is still intact?
  2. email our support team at support@atomicavenue.com, provide the order number, brief summary of the situation, and they can advise you further.
  3. Any adjustment you need to make (qty, condition, price, note change), must be made in the ComicBase software. When done, go the internet menu>sell - this will refresh your online selling on AA.
  4. I feel silly... I didn't realize they were up since our server upgrade
  5. sets are currently not saleable on AA. A feature hopefully will be doable down the road.
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