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  1. I am interested in selling sets too but I have a more basic question. I have some duplicate issues of some titles. I have set the reserve quantity to 1 so I retain 1 copy. However, when I create a set and add that issue to the set, it adds the total quantity and doesn't appear to reserve the 1 copy minimum. The set shows the total quantity for each issue and doesn't allow the quantity to be modified in the set. Another option I have thought of but haven't figured out how to do is to add a new row for the same issue, and set the quantity to 1, which would allow me to select a specific row when adding to the set. But I don't like the idea of a duplicate row. How do we get selling sets as a higher priority on the feature list? I haven't started selling yet, but I'd prefer to try to sell sets versus having my titles cherry-picked for the "hot" issues. I appreciate any comments, thank you!
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