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  1. The website is down and I've tried from my computer and phone to confirm. It was down last night (Friday 5/28) but was intermittently coming back up but taking forever to load. Now its down totally again Saturday morning. Downtime is money from both the standpoint of taking/processing orders and processing packages received so please address it as soon as possible and communicate out. Thank you.
  2. This happens at least a couple of times a month, if not more. I make changes to what I want on my store via ComicBase, I select to Post Items for Sale via ComicBase. I get the popup that the file has been sent to Atomic Ave, then I never get the email that says the changes happened and I don't see the stock update on my atomic ave store. This is a major problem because prices and quantity constantly change and I need to be able to react quickly. If I have to wait days I risk selling things at the wrong prices, or selling books I no longer have available. That results in unhappy customers, lower feedback and dings to my account metrics. It always seems to be an issue, then someone writes me back from support saying there was no issue, but magically right around that time the update happens. Its like the file processor gets stuck and until someone refreshes the queue, restarts the process, restarts the server, etc. it won't work. Anyone else experience this? I'm experiencing it right now. I've been trying to update since February 4 but no luck. Please help.
  3. I'm still having problems with magazines and I've upgraded to ComicBase 2021. Is this all still in the works?
  4. Just print the order page instead of going into the Print Packing List section. Its not as nice looking as the Packing List, but it has all the information you'd want: title, issue, variant, grade, grading notes (including longbox number if you put that in the grading notes section on ComicBase), number of copies sold, amount it sold for, shipping cost, buyer information, etc. I just print that out and include it with my shipments. Its not pretty and it takes 2 pages even for one book, but if you have a printer that can print on two sides of a piece of paper, that's about all you need for many orders. I really like it and include the print out with all my orders.
  5. As to the original post - I'm not a fan of the shipping setup with Atomic Ave. I should be able to set up my own shipping prices. ComicCollectorLive does it perfectly where they let their sellers determine the scenarios for shipping and how much they want to charge. Some customers are being charged over EIGHT dollars to send 2 measly comics ... I can send those to half the country for under $5 and the other half for under $6 with First class. That can make a big difference in making a sale or not, when a buyer has to spend about as much on shipping as they do for the books.
  6. Ever since Magazines were moved out of comics, I've had a heck of a time with them. Try searching on Amazing Heroes. Its an absolute mess and does not take you to that series. You can find Amazing Heroes in ComicBase, but if you click Find Copies for Sale in CB, it gets all confused and you get an odd page. I think it was a big mistake trying to segment magazines from comics. It might seem logical, but when people are searching for a book, they don't care if its a magazine or a comic - they just want to find what they typed in. Also, now I have a bunch of books still in Comics in ComicBase that no longer connect to Atomic Avenue and thus can't be considered for sale. Please fix magazines and if you're sticking with this unfortunate move to segment the two, provide us with an easy way to convert our former comic entries to magazine entries. I shouldn't have to manually document everything and re-add it under magazines. Moreover, Magazines should properly link to Atomic Ave for sale....
  7. Is it by design that you can't create any posts on the Feature Suggestions section of this forum?
  8. I don't think there's a way to look that up on Atomic Avenue. Probably the best way to find local comic sellers is to go to someplace like Facebook Marketplace, Craig's List or something like that as they let you search in your physical area. Good Luck!
  9. You should take note of which sellers use media mail and if that concerns you, perhaps contact them about it and ultimately not buy from them. I personally ship 99.9% of my shipments with 1st class or priority mail, but have used media mail for TPB's that have no advertisements (a key restriction for media mail). To be fully honest, I did recently use media mail for an order with 80 books because I wanted to make sure the books were packed well, but I didn't want to lose my shirt as many were less than a couple dollars and I was giving free shipping, but that is the exception instead of the rule for me (seller: fourstar77; Store: Anti-Hero Collectibles).
  10. Not that I can do anything about it, but what would you like to see in a sales report?
  11. Store Scores are apparently being calculated with a round down approach, which does not accurately represent a store's performance. I received one single 4 out of 5 stars back in September 2019 (in spite of trying to reach out to find why as no explanation was given), have since received over 100 5's and have never before received anything lower than a 5 (except that one occasion) in the several years I've been selling on Atomic Avenue. Can we use basic rounding (.5 and above rounds up, less than .5 rounds down) and perhaps base store scores on the most recent scores (perhaps scores from the past 12 months)? In a world of online score inflation for collectibles (largely because people don't want to be cut off from ordering something they may really want because they gave honest feedback), the difference between 5.0 and 4.7 can be significant. As such, I would greatly appreciate it if we could more accurately reflect our store scores. Thanks.
  12. I've created sets but never sold any. I don't think they are easily found by buyers. Other websites include sets right in with the individual book, so that when customers find or browse for a specific book, they see individual issues as well as sets that include that individual issue for sale. AA is just behind the times on how best to get sets in front of potential buyers.
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