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Atomic Avenue inventory not updating... is "Jimmy" asleep?

Gregory Hecht

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I just got a ping from AA yesterday evening (1/17) that my inventory was posted... and I think that I last sent inventory in about a week ago.  So I am assuming that somebody at AA rebooted "Jimmy" and he is now chewing through his backlog of tasks.  

If your inventory hasn't already updated, try it again today.  If you don't get the confirmatory email relatively promptly (i.e., 30 minutes or less) then email support@atomicavenue.com *and* post here.  

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1 hour ago, Carolyn J. Bickford said:

We've found making sure you have the latest update to ComicBase fixes the issue for most sellers. Also, make sure your Atomic Avenue user ID is the same as the user ID in your Internet settings in ComicBase. Otherwise, contact ComicBase.

The lag in Atomic Avenue inventory being posted has been a global issue over the last few weeks.  But during this week's ComicBase Livestream, @Peter R. Bickford indicated that new servers that have been pressed into service should solve (among other things) the AA inventory posting issue.  

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