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can't contact a buyer about a problem

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There's no email address for a buyer and i have to tell him about a mistake. He doesn't seem to have a forum name either. When i click on the link for his username, it brings me to an empty store, with no other contact info. clicking on his name in his empty store brings me to an empty profile. What to do? I want to correct this but i can't speak to him.

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You will see the buyer's contact information when you click the order number under the order # column under the Sales bar in your Recent Activity section. If the buyer's contact information is incorrect, such as a bounced email or disconnected phone number, contact Atomic Avenue support. All users are required to have valid contact information.

If you don’t have an item that a buyer ordered, cancel it from the order. Atomic Avenue will issue a refund to the buyer for the cancelled order. Here is an article with instructions.

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