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  • Just for Sellers: Missing or Misgraded Items in Your Order

    Atomic Avenue Support

    When pulling items for an Atomic Avenue order, you may find items missing or items that do not meet the advertised grade. You can cancel these items off the order, or regrade them to allow the buyer to accept the items in the regraded condition, or cancel the regraded items.

    To do so, log in to Atomic Avenue and select the order number under the Sales bar. Click the checkbox next to the items that are missing or need to be regraded. You may need to cancel or regrade items one by one individually. Checking the box next to a comic book on the order will activate both the Regrade Items box and the Cancel Items box on the page.


    If you click the Cancel Items box, the item will be marked as Cancelled on the order and Atomic Avenue will issue a refund to the buyer for the cancelled items.

    If you click the Regrade Items box, you will see a window which lets you select the correct condition for the misgraded item.


    Select the new condition from the drop down menu. Atomic Avenue will automatically revalue the item according to its new condition, but you can change it to any value that is the same or lower than the original price. You may also add notes about the condition regrade, which will be included in the email regrade notification to the buyer. Once you have selected a new condition, and optionally put in a new value and notes, click the Regrade button.

    The buyer will receive a notification of regraded items. The buyer can use links in the email or go to the order page directly to accept the regraded items at the new price, or cancel the items off the order. If the buyer is unresponsive, we encourage sellers to contact the buyer to take action. If the buyer continues to be unresponsive, cancel the regraded items off the order and relist them at their current condition.


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