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i keep getting new listing notifications

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gotten another one of those today-five of them. i haven't been posting any books-not for many weeks. is sidekick malfunctioning? is it recounting stuff from god knows how long ago? or does this mean it's deducting the sold ones? i need to know this before someone asks for something i dont have and ruins my scores

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If you are getting listing notifications, you have items marked as for sale and Sidekick set to post the items. Follow these steps:


  1. Remove your Atomic Avenue Inventory. Go to your My Account > My Store page, Click Store Setup at the top, then and click the “Remove” button at the bottom of the page. Make sure that you remove inventory from all databases shown in the Database ID drop down.
  2. Cancel any outstanding orders. Let the buyer know the books were listed accidentally and cancel each order so they can receive a refund.
  3. Go to ComicBase, and unmark your books as “For Sale”. Launch ComicBase, then use Comics > Mass Change to change “For Sale” to not be checked. Apply this change to all titles.
  4. Check to make sure that your preferences aren’t set to mark new comics as for sale. Check Setup > Preferences and make sure that “Mark new comic as For Sale” is not checked.
  5. Tell Sidekick not to post your For Sale comics automatically. Right-click on Sidekick in your notification area (the bottom right of your computer, next to the clock; you may need to click the upwardly pointing arrow icon to see it; Sidekick is the little super-hero icon). Right-click Sidekick and choose “Settings”. Check your schedule and make sure that Sidekick is set to post your comics for sale “Never”.
  6. Add notifications@atomicavenue.com to your safe sender list. If your comics are posted to Atomic Avenue, you will receive a notice from that address, including instructions such as these on how to remove accidental listings to Atomic Avenue, and prevent it from happening again.
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