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Tracking required on International Orders March 26, 2021

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In this time of increased shipping delays, we are working to improve customer support and satisfaction on international orders. As of Friday, March 26, 2021, tracking will be required for all international orders. 

Sellers shipping internationally will have to provide a tracking number before they can mark an order as shipped.

We strongly encourage sellers to use tracking on all their orders as this allows buyers and sellers to locate their order in transit and be able to know when an order is expected to arrive. If tracking is not provided, Atomic Avenue may hold the seller’s disbursement until the buyer reports receipt or a refund is issued to the buyer.

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I just had an order to India.  Tracking is not provided by India Postal Services.  What type of tracking number should I obtain if one is not available?  If you are suggesting that we need to use a trackable service to certain countries, I will just cease sending anything international any more because the cost to ship the comics to India was $45 through the USPS and India mail.  With a trackable service such as UPS or FedEx, the cost would be $153 (UPS) or $165 (FedEx).

While there is a tracking number to show where the package is in the USPS system, once outside that system, the tracking no longer shows any information.

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If you do not have tracking on an international order, contact Atomic Avenue support at support@atomicavenue.com with the order number. Atomic Avenue will withhold the disbursement to the seller until the seller provides proof of delivery, proof of refund, or the buyer confirms receipt of the order. We will also review our system to make sure orders cannot be shipped without tracking. International travel restrictions have affected international delivery times, with orders from the UK to the US taking as long as 2 months. See this thread for recent information. You can also review the international incidents update page for Royal Mail which has noted delivery delays through the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago gateways. Contact the seller directly for more information including the tracking number.


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