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I have to relay this crappy transaction to you

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First off, I have a five star rating that is now in jeopardy because of this guy and his inability to look in his spam folder, or send a basic inquiry.

A hundred dollar comic was purchased from me, and god knows why that issue was even remotely worth that much, but hey, I don't set the prices, comic base does. It was a straight shock that that issue was "worth" that much.

So it was bought and shipped same day, and randomly a week later it's back. Unopened. Just a new label slapped on it. No messages, no explanation, no request for refund, NOTHING.

So naturally I email him. Nothing. A week later I email again. Nothing again. Then finally the buyer actually uses the built in contact method to go "where's my dough?" Now, seriously, who waits two weeks to get a hundred dollars back?

So i say look, i contacted you twice. Sent screenshots of the sent items. Still denies he got them, and gets all snippy saying he's not lying. I never said he lied, I just sent him screenshots saying *I* did my due diligence.


Now, I'm not trying to weasel out of the return. You screwed up? Fine. Here's your dough. Can't actually afford it? Fine, here's your dough. You found it for cheaper and now you're gonna flip it for the same price, pocketing the difference? (cause there are cheaper copies on atomic avenue) FINE, IT DOESN'T MATTER, HERE'S YOUR DOUGH.


Just tell someone what you're doing already. It's basic buyer-seller courtesy, and common courtesy to boot. I looked at this newly labelled package in the mail and thought, "I didn't buy anything from whoever this is? What the heck is it?"


And this return/refund process is straight terrible. Why isn't there a return/refund button somewhere? Why isn't all this handled internally in software? Now I'm out the shipping, and the commission, because I only got 90 bucks from atomic avenue on a 106 dollar book when the payment came through. I'm out nearly twenty bucks now. A refund should be a complete WASH, not a net loss to the seller.


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Hi Adrian

Atomic Avenue commission is mostly Paypal fees, so all refund transactions are a loss.

We advise buyers to contact a seller directly about an order they are unhappy with within 10 days of receiving the order. It is unusual for the buyer not to have contacted you about a return. We also advise buyers to call a seller if they haven't gotten a response, as email all too often gets misfiled or lost. It sounds like this was eventually resolved.

It is unusual for a buyer to initiate a return without any direct communication. If you want to ban this buyer from purchasing from you again, you can contact Atomic Avenue support at support@atomicavenue.com. If you provide the order number to Atomic Avenue support, we can also make a note about your experience with this buyer for our files.

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