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  1. I just had a customer purchase some magazines "The Comic Reader" I have for sales but he did not find them in my store. That title is not in the pull down list for My Store nor are other magazines like "Monster Times" not in the list. The customer found them by doing a search for the titles and found them. Any reason the magazines are not part of My Store.
  2. I am assuming that "Processing period closes" is the two business days we have to ship. If this is correct, we have to lose points for timely shipping for a buyer to update an order. A seller gets cancellation points because the seller is a cancelling because the buyer cannot and then the seller has to prove our actions are correct to get the cancellation points removed. A buyer like the Buyer Guide states should be able to cancel on their own orders at any time prior to shipping for any reason. A buyer cancelling should not count against a seller since the seller is not cancelling specially since they can rate us and get us banded that way if a seller is a bad actor. It would be fair to actually allow the buyer to control their actions and not put it on the seller.
  3. Per the Buying Comics help guide. You may cancel an order, or items off of an order yourself, any time before it ships, and receive a refund. To do so, log in to Atomic Avenue, and click on the order number. In the order window, click the Cancel Order button. (To cancel only certain comics, mark the checkbox next to each you want to cancel, and then click the Cancel Selected Issues button.) I have had two different customer that wanted to change their order before I shipped them but they could not do what the help says. So they e-mailed support and you had them e-mail me to do the cancelling. That gave me negative points since I did the cancelling. If buyer can cancel, maybe a step by step with pictures will help them. If the cancelling is only before submitting the order, then you need to update the Help and try to get that function in the future.
  4. I have a buyer that I would like to block from buying my comics in the future since no matter what concessions I give him on a sale it is not good enough. So I can see this buyer giving a low rating just because he is not agreeable. This one buyer could easily get me banned even though I am trying to be a good seller.
  5. I received a message from notifications@atomicavenue.com Message from Atomic Avenue User From: Tommy Maric (croatbag) Hello, Can you provide me with a scan of Adventures on the Planet of the Apes #1? Thank you in advance. Tommy Tried to e-mail but croatbag per Atomic Avenue cannot receive messages. His profile has no information so no way to contact him. So cover scans attached.
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