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  1. So is there any recourse when a seller is just lying on a response to a review? After reading this and my post sale interaction with said seller I changed my grade which then got me an email saying I was banned from his store, however in his response he just copied and pasted the same response he gave to the gentleman above. I never asked for shipping cost upfront. Apparently expecting things to be CGC quality means when I get a VF/NM book I should expect that the centerfold may be detached at a staple, or that there is heavy foxing on the entire book inside and out that is not disclosed, a
  2. Interesting, I had a similar experience with the same seller. Most books were not even close to the listed condition, like NM with detached covers and heavy foxing that wasn't disclosed or heavy tanning, and then wasn't pleased when I wanted to return most as if somehow I was being too picky. He did take the returns and reimburse me with the shipping, but just made it a huge headache for us both by over grading so bad. Based on all the great reviews I was shocked when I got the books. Also brings me up to the character limit on reviews, doesn't give enough space to explain a complicated si
  3. Not sure what the issue is, I looked at my profile and everything is there, also I've received plenty of emails from other sellers before.
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