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The Importance of Seller Inventory Control and How It Works

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When a seller cancels an item or an order on Atomic Avenue, buyers are encouraged to leave feedback. Sellers are aware that cancellations are prone to negative feedback from buyers, and are strongly encouraged to keep their inventory on Atomic Avenue up to date. Item cancellations are reflected in the seller's performance score and Atomic Avenue has, does, and will continue to ban sellers with inadequate seller performance scores, which include a seller's fulfilment rate. (This is also why sellers may offer to replace a missing comic in an order rather than have to cancel it.)

Atomic Avenue pulls seller inventory from an inventory-management program called ComicBase. When an item is sold, it is removed from Atomic Avenue, but if sellers do not remove sold items from their inventory with a command or an automated assistant, when they post updated inventory to Atomic Avenue, it may show already-sold items. Before posting updated inventory (with new items, changed prices or other updates) sellers need to sold items from their ComicBase, which they can do automatically, either hourly, daily, or weekly, or at a time period of their setting using a ComicBase tool called Sidekick, or manually with the Check for Sales... command in ComicBase. If sellers have inventory sold elsewhere, they will need to remove sold items manually. ComicBase support will help sellers who are having issues with automated removal.

If a seller does not manage their physical inventory (particularly if they are selling in multiple venues) or remove Atomic Avenue sales either with the ComicBase command or ComicBase before making subsequent sales, the seller may have to cancel missing items and have Atomic Avenue refund the missing item or items. 

Recently and occasionally, two buyers have checked out with the same item from the same seller in their cart within the same minute of one another. This can result in both buyers having an order for the same item. Atomic Avenue can and will confirm this as a synonymous order and quickly refund the latter order without it affecting the seller's performance score. Buyers can confirm this as the case directly with Atomic Avenue.


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