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Delivery Delays as of January 2021

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Buyers should be aware that USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19, and the Universal Postal Union has declared a force majeure on delivery times, pending finding alternative routes for international delivery as many passenger routes have been disrupted due to the impacts of COVID-19. While following up on buyer inquires about delayed packages, we have the following reports to advise buyers as to when to expect an order placed in November or December of 2020. If a package is overdue, please contact the seller, who can initiate a mail search with USPS or their national carrier.

An order shipped via USPS Priority 2-Day mail from Florida on December 15, 2020 arrived (first delivery attempt made) on January 7, 2020 in Virginia.

An order shipped on time from New York state via First Class USPS mail on December 12, 2020 arrived on January 6, 2021 in Mississippi.

An order shipped on November 2, 2020 from the UK arrived in Oklahoma on January 7, 2021. 

An order shipped on November 7, 2020 from the UK arrived in Oklahoma on January 11, 2021.

This indicates intra-US packages may currently take up to 4 weeks to arrive even when sent via First Class/Priority mail; and international packages may take up to 3 months to arrive, possibly longer if from a country that has embargoed shipments or has disrupted passenger travel routes.

Your local post office or national postal service should provide information about known delays and disruptions. All sellers mark orders as shipped when they ship their package, and you can view that data as well as tracking information by logging in to Atomic Avenue, going to My Activity > Recent Activity and clicking on the order number (under the Orders column) under the Purchases bar. The order page will also provide contact information for the seller, whom you can contact directly about overdue packages.

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