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Forum Rules -- PLEASE READ!

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Just like on our old message boards, we would like folks to follow a few basic, common-sense rules to make things fun and reasonably polite for everyone.  If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to send a note to the moderators or administrators.

General Rules:

  • Respect the netiquette: this is common sense. Just as society has rules for how to interact in real life, the 'Net has rules for proper conduct on the web. No ALL CAPS yelling, no spamming, and no flaming. Lurk around and get to know the forums and how to post if you're unsure about the conventions.
  • Post to the appropriate forum. There are designated boards for Tech Support issues as well as general discussion. Please read the descriptions or ask a moderator if you are ever in doubt.  Note that this is the ATOMIC AVENUE FORUM.  Items regarding ComicBase should be posted to the COMICBASE FORUM that is located here.  
  • While debating and discussion on the forums is fine, Atomic Avenue, Inc. does not tolerate rudeness, insults, personal attacks or outright flames (We're also hinky about crass insinuations). Such posts will be deleted and you will be warned. Multiple warnings will result in a ban from the forums.
  • Really, no spam. You can buy it at the supermarket for roughly $3 a can, so save the canned meat for the nights when you're on your own for food. Totally pointless or offensive posts will be locked or deleted with a vengeance.  Users who post spam run the risk of having their accounts immediately locked or deleted without a jury trial.  "Go ahead, make my day."  
  • Links to pirate scan sites will be treated as spam.  See above.
  • Multiple or repeated (verbatim) posts also qualify as spam.  See above. 
  • Don't harass the other forum users. While teasing and the occasional wicked taunting may be fun, the use of foul language, gratuitous cussing, and generally offensive language is looked down upon, and violators will be thrown out.  It's really simple: don't be a jerk.  
  • Keep your file sizes down when posting images. Don't use huge pictures for your icons because other users may be on a much lower bandwidth and it's a drag to wait for all the files to download. Animated gifs are okay, but try to keep the size of the gif within reason.  Note that every user has a limit on the total size of the attachments that they post.  

-- G. Hecht aka comicsatemybrain

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