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Tracking number entry

Gregory Hecht

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1.  As a seller, when I get an AA order that will ship via USPS Priority Mail, I normally use the "Click n Ship" function on the USPS site to generate a paid shipping label.  When entering the tracking number onto the AA order page, I typically copy and paste the tracking number from the shipping label PDF into the appropriate box then mark the order as shipped. 

However, I have discovered that this results in the first four digits of the tracking number getting cut off.  This should be corrected as "copy and paste" should be faster and more accurate than requiring a seller to manually type the tracking number.  

2.  After I mark an order as shipped, I am unable to correct the tracking number if it is missing those first few digits.  I can type in the numbers and hit the "Update" button on the order page, but that doesn't result in the tracking number getting corrected.  

3.  I have no way of putting in multiple tracking numbers for an order that requires multiple packages, nor do I have a way of indicating which items are in which package when I have to put things into multiple boxes.  This is something that should be addressed, although I admit that I don't have a good feeling as to how that should be done.  

4.  And, just because I am a noodge (or even just a PITA, if you like), a reminder that there needs to be more transparency to sellers as to what shipping service and container the AA shipping calculator settled on
•  I still don't think that AA is calculating insurance correctly for shipments with retail value >$50 (the old limit of free insurance for $75 value was lowered some time ago). 
•  When I get orders for thick books (for example: Marvel and DC omnibus books, also Showcase and Essential "phone books"), I don't think that the calculator necessarily accounts for the fact that the interior of the flat rate Priority boxes is a shade less than six inches deep.  
•  And books with a larger than usual trimsize (Marvel and DC omnibus books, again) really need to go in a LARGE flat rate Priority box because a medium flat rate box doesn't provide any cushioning space.  (Penguin Random House learned the hard way that shipping comics in boxes without cushioning space results in increased likelihood of damage.)  I'm not entirely convinced that the AA shipping calculator takes this into account, either.  

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