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  1. Sellers are responsible for refunds and returns after an order has been shipped. You can set your own refund policy. Typically, and by default, ask the buyer to return the book and refund the buyer directly, preferably via an electronic method that gives you proof of the refund immediately, such as Paypal or Zelle. Buyers are responsible for the cost of the return, but many sellers opt to give the buyer a return mailer or refund the cost of the return, particularly if the seller was at fault in misgrading the book or sending out the wrong item.
  2. Hi Salvador Contact ComicBase support at support@comicbase.com or check the ComicBase forums at forums.comicbase.com
  3. There are only two options here: (1) The buyer accepts/cancels the item, or (2) The seller has to cancel the item. Any cancellation will indeed impact your record, but only mildly provided the vast majority of your other orders went out without a problem. Worth noting that there's a double-ding if the suspension hangs out there for a long time, since it'll be late as well, so reach out to the customer and let them know that the issue needs a resolution, and you'll have to cancel the item off the order if they don't respond.
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