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  1. Just a footnote I do pay for the postage when I purchase from the seller enough said
  2. I don't have a problem with Media Mail the Postal Service does, the postal inspecter opens a package and then slaps a fee on it. and I just don't see it, I'm not happy about it especially when I've already paid it up front, so it's the postal service that has got an issue with it not me. Postal regulations stipulate it does not allow comic books to be sent Media Mail it's in violation of federal law that's not my rule that's there's ,sellers need to follow it, end of point.
  3. Just wondering if there are plans down the road to have a "Search" Bar created for the CB App so users that have a large number of comics, can save time by entering a title , whether in whole or in part, to save time scrolling forever to get to the title in the user's collection list, this would be of great service and time savings when time is of the essence. I have a big collection, nearly 13,000 and counting, sometimes it has taken me minutes at a time to find the title I am looking for , to verify if I have a specific comic in my collection already or not and avoid buying a duplicate , unless I choose to do that. Just a thought to consider. Thanks
  4. It's been an increasing problem, in general, with sellers trying to pass off(mail) comics as media mail. Just FYI, the Postal Inspectors are opening packages and making the customer pay for the additional postage, not fair to the customer who already paid for the first class postage fee in the first place. Do not send comics media mail please, the Postal Inspectors will catch you.
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