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  1. I was dinged 35 points due to late shipping on 7 items. So your saying if I cancelled, I would have been dinged 70 points and I should just be happy? I went from 100% perfect to 95.4% good! I have email correspondence from someone in AA that stated: "If you have not heard from the buyer by tomorrow, we recommend cancelling the order. You can send us an email in response to this, and let us know you had to do so, and specifically request that the order be marked as non-scoring.(which I did -tjw) We will mark the order as non-scoring, which means you will not be penalized for late shipment/late cancellation, though you will also not get credit for the order itself." I think your suspended/cancellation policy needs to be tweaked. PS I'd like my score restored to 100%
  2. Just got a post notification from AA. Seems to be working now. Prices are as posted.
  3. Since the weekend I’ve been trying to update prices via ComicBase (latest version). I get successful completions but don’t get the email confirmation and the prices remain unchanged. Supp?
  4. I recently had an order for 6 books. On pulling one of them I decided to down-grade the book and the order became suspended. I know that the buyer now has to do something to 'release' the order but I was wondering if this will ding my perfect shipment record because I can't mark any part of the order as shipped until the buyer does something. When does the 24-hr clock start? When it's ordered or when the buyer either accepts or cancels a revised item?
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