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    Rules for Sellers

    In order to continue selling on Atomic Avenue, we require all our sellers to abide by the following rules:

    1. All items must be as specified in your listing and accurately graded. Buyers have the right to return items not in the specified condition (and many of our buyers are exacting on grading), so make sure each item that ships is in the specified condition. The Atomic Avenue site includes a Grading Guide and ComicBase has a Grading Wizard to help you with grading. If you don’t have time to review near-new items for miniscule defects, we recommend you use the List VF and NM comics as condition "VF-NM" option in selling. If you have items that would need to be individually graded, and you don’t have the time to do so, you may also sell your comics as ungraded, which is a "grade" you can select in ComicBase. If, as you pull the items you've sold and notice they are not as advertised, you may regrade (and reprice) them, or cancel misgraded them from an order before you ship it. Buyers must accept or cancel regraded items before you can ship them. If comics are in a better grade than advertised, you cannot price a comic higher than its advertised price (though you have the option to cancel such books off an order).
    2. Orders must be shipped out and marked as shipped within 2 business days of the order. Check your email frequently, and consider signing up for our SMS messages. Use a form of tracking so both you and the buyer can be assured of the shipment’s progress. If a buyer claims an order was never delivered, we cannot pay you for the order unless we have proof of delivery. Do not mark an item as shipped until you have shipped it.
    3. Ship all items in a way that they will arrive in the same condition they were shipped in: see our Shipping page for shipping guidelines.
    4. We allow our sellers to determine their own return policies, but be as accommodating as you can in accepting returns. Whether or not the problem was your fault, it’ll be easier to resell an item than it will be to placate a buyer who is unhappy with his purchase. You may post your return/exchange policy in the Personal Information section in your profile to avoid misunderstandings. If you do run across a particularly problematic buyer, you can ban the buyer from your store.

    We want to make Atomic Avenue a safe place for buyers and sellers. While we understand problems happen, if you violate these rules, the administrator will issue a demerit for each violation. Each user rating of 1 will also give you -1 in your rank points, and affect your rating. If you receive 2 demerits or -1 rating, we will remove your items from sale and ban you from selling on Atomic Avenue. In cases of fraud, such as marking unshipped orders as shipped, we will ban you immediately.

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