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    Shipping Items

    Atomic Avenue requires that you ship all comics and magazines in a suitable mailer, with sufficient packaging to prevent any damage to to the items in transit. Items should be boxed if possible, or reinforced with corrugated boards on either side to prevent the item from being bent or damaged in transit if shipped in an envelope. It’s the seller’s ultimate responsibility to make sure that the items ordered arrive in the condition specified, and on time.

    Our shipping rates are based on the postal service of the seller's country, i.e. USPS., Canada Post, etc. You may ship your order by any shipping service that gets the items to the seller within the time frame specified on the order form. Domestic orders should be delivered to the buyer within three to six business days; international orders should be delivered within 12 business days. 

    Sellers can also offer free shipping to users by checking the “Free Shipping” box when posting their items for sale in ComicBase, and set a minimum threshold for free shipping.

    Shipping Tips

    Whenever possible, Atomic Avenue will calculate shipping costs by the most cost-efficient method available by the postal service. In some cases, this may call for a flat-rate box or legal-size envelope. If you are shipping comics or magazines in an envelope, keep in mind these envelopes by themselves are not stiff enough to safely ship such items without risk of bending. As such, they should be reinforced on either side by sheets of corrugated cardboard (200# or higher preferred), preferably of slightly larger length and width than the comics they’re protecting. Tape the cardboard reinforcements together, with the items in between, so that any corner dings will bend the cardboard, not the items within.

    What to do if you can’t ship an order

    All orders will include a packing slip for you to include with the order. Check all your items over carefully before shipping them to make sure they are what the buyer ordered, and in the condition specified. If by any chance, you cannot locate the item, or it’s been damaged and is no longer in the specified condition, you can remove it from the order without canceling the entire order. Let the buyer know of the cancellation, and give the buyer an option to cancel the entire order. Next, go to your My Account page, and click the order number under the Sales bar. Click on the relevant transaction and find the comic you cannot ship, and click the checkbox next to it. Click the Cancel Items... button at the bottom of the page. If you have to cancel the entire order, click the Cancel Order... button at the bottom of the page. Atomic Avenue will issue a refund to the buyer.

    If you have to cancel items off an order regularly, review your inventory thoroughly, since the disappointment of not getting an ordered item may reflect in the rating the buyer gives you after the transaction. A low fulfilment score will reflect in your Seller Performance score and sellers with inadequate fulfilment scores are banned.

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