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  1. I frequently run exports of my data base into Excel so I can check certain fields for errors. It would be nice to be able to save a list of the fields I want to export in the order I want them so that I don't have to type it in every time I export. Anybody else see a need for this function?
  2. When will the new interface be rolled out as I am also hoping to sell my magazines and books? I was told by Atomic Ave that Comic base was responsible and by Comic Base that Atomic Ave was responsible. So who really is responsible and when can we expect it to be rolled out?
  3. I had the same issue and when I contacted Atomic Avenue about it they said that the changed the way it printed to not include the price column because there were complaints that the seller did not want the column there, specifically the shipping cost. I just print from the browser and I get the price column now.
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