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  1. This information is for me only, if I want customers to know something like a newsstand edition I put it under notes as you said. But there are 4 different fields that are displayed when you click the "custom" icon when looking at the issue filed, i.e. where you would add a books, choose quality and such. I input location information for my personal use. As you can see on this screen shot, the Near Mint quality has nothing in the custom field, as do the others. In second screenshot custom field is blank, so is it tales of the marvels: blockbuster, did i put it under "blockbuster", is it i
  2. With over 30,000 books on Atomic Avenue, I need to use the Custom fields to help me locate books I have sold. However, over the last year the information I have added to the fields keeps disappearing. For instance I have boxes on the east wall simply marked "East" , my original foray into online selling group marked "eBay", and books bought brand new form my closed comic-book store marked "New". So when these entries disappear I have no clue where they are stocked. Thus I need to check in all areas to find 1 book, rather than just going to the spot it is at. Last year this
  3. I use Custom Field one To put needed information as to the location of the booksI sell on Atomic Avenue. It seem how ever that what I put in has the habit of disappearing. I was wonder why this happens, and what I could do to stop it from happening. I.E. In the image below, nothing in custom field for Spectacular issue 189 fine grade. But info in NM and VF. All of these were entered at the same time, and the same way. What could have happened to the FN custom field? Thanks, Richard
  4. When using the Print Packing List icon, you see the entire order, picture title quality quantity and price of the book. The preview however is not what prints, the price column is absent from the sheet the help if you have different books of the same quality, but different prices. Richard
  5. I found a book in my inventory that was the wrong grade. Had 2 books listed as NM but only 1 was NM, the other was FN. I changed the quantity easily enough, Then clicked on the + symbol to add the FN copy. As before the nest up issue number appeared, I changed that issue number to the issue number I was adding and tabbed forward, Here is first problem, in previous incarnations of Comicbase the "Through" number became the issue number you had entered for the issue number you were entering. Now I need to enter the issue number again, not as easy as before. When finished with
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