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  1. The more I research the tax law, the more it becomes apparent that most of us (99%) are not responsible for federal taxes.  I implore people to please take a little time and do some research of your own.  We've been lied to for many many years.

  2. I noticed that I can no longer see any past feedback comments under my Recent Activity section.  I only see two recent ones and that is it.  I'm running CB2023 4K Archive with the latest update of v23.0.0.1832

  3. now that sellers have to give out their SSN's, a data breach would be very very bad.  This is just one reason why I am against having to give my SSN out to get paid.  Once again, Uncle Sam is way too greedy.  But if a data breach were to happen and someone was to get a hold of my SSN, I afraid it won't be pretty for all parties involved.

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