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  1. Now that Atomic Avenue supports changing the quantity of items sold, am I the only one having issues with it? It's not working very well for me.
  2. The more I research the tax law, the more it becomes apparent that most of us (99%) are not responsible for federal taxes. I implore people to please take a little time and do some research of your own. We've been lied to for many many years.
  3. I do recall that so maybe that is why. But if those disappear, how can buyers see your feedback then? I think the suggestion would be very beneficial.
  4. I noticed that I can no longer see any past feedback comments under my Recent Activity section. I only see two recent ones and that is it. I'm running CB2023 4K Archive with the latest update of v23.0.0.1832
  5. now that sellers have to give out their SSN's, a data breach would be very very bad. This is just one reason why I am against having to give my SSN out to get paid. Once again, Uncle Sam is way too greedy. But if a data breach were to happen and someone was to get a hold of my SSN, I afraid it won't be pretty for all parties involved.
  6. Is there a way to get a sales report using the Reports tab? This seems like it would be an easy thing to add.
  7. Thank you Steve! I did not see that tab up there.
  8. Just wondering if the previous forum discussions will be migrated to the new forums. Lots of good stuff there and would hate to see that disappear.
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