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  1. https://www.comicshoplocator.com/ lets you search by zip code , otherwise a Google search of comic shops near me will likely have some of the desired results, though many dealers no longer have "shops" and just sell on the internet.
  2. Hi After years of using Atomic Ave I have always wondered why the wish list is NEVER accurate. Books marked as available are often not and at times books without the green check mark have copies for sale. For a while i thought if it had price by it then there was a copy available , nope. It doesnt seem to matter if I have my settings to a certain grade or not. I mostly have to go through each issue and check and honestly just end up quitting halfway through so I am sure someone is losing sales. The email updates do seem pretty accurate and I understand if a hot book sells before I take a look at it. I have deleted and re-entered the list several times and it doesnt seem to help. Any thoughts ? I am attaching current pics to illustrate the issue. Of the books below only Aztek has copies. Why do some have values listed and others do not ? Thanks -Jason
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