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  • Buying Items on Atomic Avenue

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    Atomic Avenue is a marketplace which lets you browse collectible comics, magazines, and books for sale from both private sellers and specialty shops all over the world.

    First of all, you'll need to register as an Atomic Avenue user by clicking the My Account tab. Your Atomic Avenue account is free, and requires no financial information. You will need to enter the address to which you want your orders shipped, a phone number where we can contact you, and an email address. You'll receive an email from Atomic Avenue in order to verify your account.

    To find the items you want, type the title into the Find comics field on the Atomic Avenue page. See our page on searching for more information on how to find items on Atomic Avenue.

    When you’ve found an item you want to buy, click the Buy button next to it. This will put it in your shopping cart. If you want to continue shopping, you can continue adding items to your cart.

    TIP:  Save money on shipping by buying multiple items from the same seller

    If you click the seller’s User ID, you will see his other items for sale. Just as within any issue window, you can buy comics you want by clicking the Buy button. Many sellers offer free shipping at a specified purchase amount.

    When you’re done selecting the items you want to buy, click the Cart button at the top of the Atomic Avenue page. When you click the Checkout button, you’ll see a list of the comics in your cart, together with your order total, including the cost of shipping from each seller. 

    When you’ve reviewed your order, click the Complete Checkout button. At this point, you may pay with either a PayPal account, or a credit card. This charge will appear as Atomic Avenue.

    Atomic Avenue creates a separate order for each seller, even though you may only have a single charge covering all your purchases. You'll receive an email confirming each order; you may also see each order when you log in to Atomic Avenue under the Purchases banner. If you do not receive a confirmation email, contact Atomic Avenue support at support@atomicavenue.com.

    Each seller must ship you your order within 2 working days, and you will receive an email (and optionally, SMS) confirmation when it is shipped. If a seller discovers they do not have an advertised item, they may cancel it off the order, or cancel an order altogether. If any item was misgraded, the seller may regrade it and adjust the price accordingly: you will need to accept or cancel the regraded item before the seller ships your order to you.

    If you need to cancel an order before the order has shipped, contact the seller directly. You will find the seller's contact information on the Order page. To access the order page, log in to Atomic Avenue and click the order number under the Purchases bar.

    If the seller does not ship the order within 2 days, you may cancel the order, or items off of an order yourself. To do so, log in to Atomic Avenue, and click on the order number. In the order window, click the Cancel Order button. (To cancel only certain comics, mark the checkbox next to each you want to cancel, and then click the Cancel Selected Issues button.)

    You will receive a refund from Atomic Avenue within 2 working days; some banks may take up to 2 days to post the refund to your account.

    Orders which have been shipped more than a month earlier or cancelled will not show when you log in to Atomic Avenue, but you can see all orders which have been processed by clicking the Shipped and Cancelled checkboxes on the Purchases bar.

    Important: When you place an item in your shopping cart, it is not being reserved or held. You will not be able to claim the item until it is paid for—so if someone pays for a comic before you do, it will disappear from your cart.

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