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  • So The Items on Your Order Have Been Regraded....(And What to do about it.)

    Atomic Avenue Support

    Sellers may find items sold on Atomic Avenue do not match the advertised condition. In this case, sellers may cancel the misgraded item or items off the order or regrade the item so the buyer can choose to accept the regraded item or cancel the regraded item. The buyer will receive a notification from notifications@atomicavenue.com if an order is regraded, as well as a partial refund if the seller marked down the value of the item in its regraded condition. The email subject is Regraded Items on Order (Your Order Number) and reads like the one below:


    An order is suspended and unable to be shipped until the buyer either accepts or cancels the regraded items, or the seller cancels the regraded items.

    If you receive a notification that items on your order have been regraded, review the regraded items and accept or cancel them in order to avoid shipping delays. To do so, either use the review the order link in the email or log in to Atomic Avenue, go to My Account > Recent Activity and click on the order number under the Purchases bar. On the order page, you will see both an accept and cancel button next to each regraded item.


    Click either the Accept button or the Cancel Item button next to each regraded item. If you cancel a regraded item, you will receive a refund from Atomic Avenue for the remaining value of the item.

    If you wish to cancel the entire order because of the cancellations, click the Cancel Order button at the bottom of the page.

    After you have accepted or cancelled regraded items, the seller will typically ship your order within 1 business day. If you do not accept or cancel regraded items, the seller may cancel the regraded items within 2 business days.

    If you have difficulty accepting regraded items, contact the seller via the link on the email or the email address as shown on the order page informing the seller that you accept the regraded items. The seller will contact Atomic Avenue to complete the unsuspension of the order.



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