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Phantom Wish List Matches

Lance Fittro

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Any idea what would cause issues that I have not marked as Wanted in ComicBase or on Atomic Avenue, and which do not appear in my wish list on Atomic Avenue, to show up in the list of matching items when I click on a "This seller has ## items from your wish list" link for a seller? One example for me would be Xenobrood #0, which I have never desired to own, but which turns up in my wish list results. Another example is Swamp Thing (2nd Series) #111.

Unfortunately, I have a pretty extensive wish list, so if it's a case of another comic I'm looking for somehow being coded with the same identifier as these issue in the master database, I'm not sure how much help I can be in tracking it down. As I start ticking off items from my wish list, perhaps the issue will clear itself, but it makes me wonder if there is something I'm actually looking for that I'm missing out on when these show up as matches from a seller's offerings.

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