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  1. It would be helpful for sellers if Atomic Avenue stated what shipping method was used by the AA servers to calculate the shipping cost. Sometimes it is obvious, and sometimes (as in your case) it really is not. This is especially true for large orders that require multiple boxes. It is also not always clear to me that AA calculates the cost of insurance correctly for packages containing merchandise of more than $50 retail value. It is also confusing that the AA help pages refer to Parcel Post mailing when we were told some time ago that Parcel Post wasn't an option any more. Frankly, none of this should be a mystery. AA presumably knows what kind of shipping parameters were used by their calculator, it isn't spitting out a random number. A little transparency would make seller's lives easier without any negative impact on buyers. (And the AA help pages need a review to make sure that they are all up to date.)
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