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  1. For what it is worth, I hear what you are saying, and I cannot disagree with you. It is indeed very bad form on two fronts: you were charged much more for shipping than the seller's cost, and you received a slower shipping service than what you paid for. You are correct that periodical comics are not supposed to be sent via Media Mail b/c of the advertising contained in them. Books without advertising can be shipped via Media Mail. Occasionally there will be a story of a postal clerk who denies a Marvel omnibus' eligibility for Media Mail, but those are supposed to be allowed. I assume that magazines (which are now sold on AA) cannot ship via Media Mail, but prose books (which are also sold on AA ) can still go via Media Mail.* Sellers may not know (or care) that when USPS inspects the contents of a Media Mail package (doesn't happen often, but it doesn't *never* happen), if the inspector determines that the contents do not qualify for Media Mail the *recipient* of the package gets charged the additional postage that is due. So a seller that sends periodical comics via Media Mail is asking the buyer to assume some risk of additional postage costs. Also bad form. IMO if you feel that an AA seller shipped at a substantially lower shipping service than what AA requires so that they could pocket the cost difference (which is what it sounds like for your situation), you can (and should!) indicate this when you leave feedback on AA for the transaction. If you *really* feel like you got badly overcharged for shipping relative to the shipping service that the seller actually used, you can also contact AA support via email and politely tell them the specifics of your experience. If this is a recurring problem related to a specific seller(s), then AA needs to know. *Another nudge to the folks at Human Computing that it sure would be helpful for buyers and sellers if books and magazines were browsable in sellers' store inventory pages on AA. This should have been in place when magazine and book sales first went "live" on AA.
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