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  1. I would have posted this in the Feature Suggestions section of this forum, but apparently that section doesn't allow me to post there. As a moderator, that shouldn't be... and even more importantly, if a mod can't post there, then neither can regular users of the board either. Any way that can be fixed? 🙂 Anyway, here are the items that I had in mind to post in the Feature Suggestions: 1. Can we have a link on the AA boards to point to the old AA msg board? There is a similar "Archive" tab on the ComicBase forum page, it would be nice to have the equivalent here. 2. Would it be possible for Atomic Avenue to inform sellers the expected weight and the shipping method that the site used to calculate the shipping charge for the transaction? Often a seller is able to figure that out just from the amount that was charged to the buyer, but once in a while it isn't obvious. Some transparency to the seller would be helpful in those cases where it is not. In those cases where there was not an error in the calculation, it would save everybody time: the seller doesn't need to email support, the folks at AA won't need to spend time responding to the seller, and the buyer will almost certainly get their shipment sooner. In those cases where an error *was* made, the seller can recognize it that much quicker and everybody can get it ironed out faster and more easily. 3. Can we have an Atomic Avenue livestream sometime in the near future? It was suggested in the chat during one of the ComicBase livestreams that it would be worthwhile to devote one of those Wednesday sessions to AA. I know Pete shied away from any commitment that such a thing would happen, but I think that there was some positive response in the chat to the idea. In addition to taking questions, it would be an opportunity to share some fun facts about AA such as oldest book sold, order containing the largest number of items, most expensive book sold, that kind of thing.
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