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  • Why Can't I Find This Title? Why Is Your Variant ID not This Variant ID?

    Atomic Avenue Support

    Atomic Avenue gets its title naming and issue numbering conventions from the industry standard for comic book collectors, ComicBase. Our information is not sourced or shared with other systems, though it is consistent with the standards ComicBase set in 1991 and has evolved since to cover information on over 900,000 comic books. Various systems and sites (as well as individual sellers, i.e. on eBay) may use differing names for items. Images of an issue are shown whenever available on Atomic Avenue to help buyers identify the issue and variant they want.

    Information on finding titles in ComicBase (and similarly on Atomic Avenue) is here. You may find the Advanced Find feature in Atomic Avenue useful, as you can search by cover date, UPC/ISBN and various other fields in order to locate a specific issue. To get to the advanced find feature, click the Find button next to the search field on the Atomic Avenue home page. In the drop down menu select Advanced Find.

    ComicBase follows the publisher's variant numbering identification, but these are frequently unavailable. The ComicBase TV Livestream #20 has a detailed discussion of dealing with variants.

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