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  1. Ever since Magazines were moved out of comics, I've had a heck of a time with them. Try searching on Amazing Heroes. Its an absolute mess and does not take you to that series. You can find Amazing Heroes in ComicBase, but if you click Find Copies for Sale in CB, it gets all confused and you get an odd page. I think it was a big mistake trying to segment magazines from comics. It might seem logical, but when people are searching for a book, they don't care if its a magazine or a comic - they just want to find what they typed in. Also, now I have a bunch of books still in Comics in ComicBase that no longer connect to Atomic Avenue and thus can't be considered for sale. Please fix magazines and if you're sticking with this unfortunate move to segment the two, provide us with an easy way to convert our former comic entries to magazine entries. I shouldn't have to manually document everything and re-add it under magazines. Moreover, Magazines should properly link to Atomic Ave for sale....
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