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    What To Do If You Have a Problem

    It’s a drag for everyone when something goes wrong, but don’t fret: there are lots of safeguards built into Atomic Avenue to help both buyers and sellers feel secure. Many of our sellers are known for their outstanding customer care and service, and we encourage buyers to rate each transaction, to let both sellers and buyers know who to trust. That doesn’t mean everything will go perfectly every time, so that said, here’s what to do if you have a problem.

    If you receive an item and you’re unhappy with it (for instance, you don’t think it was accurately graded), the easiest way to resolve the matter is to contact the seller by clicking the "Problem with this order?" button found on he order detail page (look under My Account, then click the order number in question).  Sellers may  be reached either by phone or by email. If you do not receive a response to an email after 24 hours, we strongly recommend calling the seller as email can all too often get misfiled or lost.

    If you need to arrange a return with a seller, be sure to package the comic securely. Do use some form of delivery confirmation so you have proof of the return. The buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping the comic back to the seller, unless the seller's policies state otherwise.

    As for buyers, it is a drag to not get what you expected. We encourage you to leave accurate feedback about your transactions, so other buyers will know what to expect. In the rare case that you cannot resolve the problem with the seller directly, or unresponsive, you should contact Atomic Avenue at support@atomicavenue.com or by calling us at 213 471 2423. Be aware that if you cannot resolve a dispute with the seller directly, Atomic Avenue requires you to return the order to the seller.

    If you are a buyer, also be aware that you are protected from the possibility of fraud both by Atomic Avenue’s strict policies, which include proactively banning problematic sellers, and PayPal’s safeguards. If you cannot resolve a problem with the seller or Atomic Avenue, you may file a dispute or a claim with Paypal. However, before filing a claim or chargeback (and in accordance with their policies) please contact us first at support@atomicavenue.com, since we can typically resolve the problem much more quickly and directly.

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