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  • Atomic Avenue launched in 2007 as a comic book marketplace with no listing fees and easy posting via the software program ComicBase, and expanded to listing magazines and books in 2020. With hundreds of thousands of items for sale from sellers all over the world, Atomic Avenue is one of the best places to find collectibles, both popular and rare, at great prices.

    Browse or search by title, publisher, or look up work by favorite artists or writers. Once you’ve found what you want, you can choose the item which is in the price and in the condition you want, and get it sent directly to you. There are no buyer fees.

    If you want to sell comics, magazines or books, you’ll find that Atomic Avenue is one of the most economical marketplaces you can use. With ComicBase, you can post an unlimited number of items for sale on Atomic Avenue with just a couple of clicks, and keep them posted until they sell. A ComicBase subscription gives you up-to-date market values on each and every comic, based on real sales, not fanciful mark-ups. You can also set your own prices. Just ship the order, and Atomic Avenue issues you a disbursement for your sales.

    You can contact Atomic Avenue at support@atomicavenue.com or call us at 213 471 2423.

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