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  • Items in My Cart Have Disappeared

    Atomic Avenue Support

    Items are not reserved when they are in the cart. If another buyer selects the same items and checks out before you do, those items will be removed from your cart. Many of our sellers are private individuals selling from a small collection and their inventory may be very limited. Furthermore, sellers may be selling their items in multiple venues, and will remove it from their Atomic Avenue storefront if it is sold elsewhere. As of April 2021, the sales volume has increased 370% over the last your, so inventory may be moving out, getting repriced, and being added more quickly than in past years.

    If you have abandoned your cart and find items missing when you return, there are several likely reasons thereto:

    1 - Sellers may sell out of their inventory, or have another reason for closing their store on Atomic Avenue, or wish to use a different selling venue for some or all of their inventory.

    2  – Sellers may be revising their inventory and to that end pulled all issues off Atomic Avenue until the inventory corrections and price corrections have been made.

    3-  The seller may have been suspended or banned from Atomic Avenue, for one or several reasons such as poor order fulfilment or late shipment.

    4 – Sellers can mark their store as on vacation when they cannot fill orders within 2 business days. If a seller sets his inventory on vacation, it is visible but cannot be purchased until the seller returns from vacation and can ship orders within 2 business days, so if you had it in your cart it may be moved a saved for later section. We recommend using this for reference, since the seller may not have the items available or available at the same price when the store is active again.

    We strongly recommend checking out as soon as you have selected items from any one seller. Many items on Atomic Avenue are considered collectibles and sell and/or undergo price changes quickly.

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