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  1. Carolyn, I've fought this same battle with you guys for years. A flat rate envelope without a stiff gemini mailer is not sufficient protection for books, especially these days. I'm not sure why AA insists that this is a sufficient way to ship books, because it's simply not. It's just asking to get bent, folded or crushed. Looks at the Facebook comics buy sell trade groups and see example after example after example of shipping done how you are proposing and how the books look after getting manhandled along the way and then bent and stuffed into mailboxes. And a gemini or uline mailer will not fit in a flat rate mailer with 10 books. It's too thick to do so with more than 4-5 books. First you insisted on paying us rates based on Media Mail, and now you are asking us to send our books out without sufficient protection. It's no wonder that the bulk of the comic book marketplace hasn't got a clue that AA even exists. I've tried my best to hold out on AA, but your insistence on using insufficient postal rates - and charging us commissions on shipping charges to boot - just means the time is nearing to end selling on AA. I can't lose money on shipping like I have recently. My last 5 sales has resulted in losses of at least $1 or more in shipping charges alone.
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