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Ronald Lashley

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I noticed when adding my CGC Signature Variant to my collection that there was Variant 1-B Autographed listed in the pull down but no image of it which was fine as i want to add a 1-A Autographed listing. I was able to easily place the art in my collection folder but what is the  correct coding when adding in things of this nature? Do you have a list of the codes we should be doing and how to rename the file so it loads? I don't want to call it 1-A because then when I obtain another copy the stock photo will be gone or when an update happens it will replace my Image if I call it 1-A. I'm trying to search the guide to find out how this is done correctly but coming up blank in key word searches. So any help is appreciated. I was able to find how to add a new grade (right now you only support CGC and not the other options CGC offers and that was helpful) for this and just add the COA in the notes and custom fields but worried that will get lost under the regular 1-A as well when updates are pushed out for the database. I also notice in Variations that there is a Dynamic Forces listing so how do you deal with that as my COA is a DF Exclusive Alternate Cover that is a 1-A Autographed CGC SS edition? I think i just got a headache. 


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Hi Ronald --

This is a great question, but it is more pertinent to the ComicBase message boards rather than the Atomic Avenue message boards.  I suggest posting over there in the Tech Support forum.  You might also consider posting in the ComicBase Livestream thread to request @Peter R. Bickford discuss and demo this in the weekly CB Livestream (happens on almost every Wednesday at 4pm Central US time).  

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